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[WIP] Formula 3 ITALIA - DALLARA F308/309 FPT


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Tuttle, autore anche dell'eccellente pista di Top Gear, ha appena mostrato il suo nuovo lavoro, questa volta una vettura. Si tratta della Dallara F308/309.


I've parked Dunsfold, waiting for future updates...and I'm starting a new project based on my High Poly F309 model built for promotional/commercial purposes.

I've just remodeled a lot of parts from scratch (headrest not finished yet), working on the same original CADs drawings, to get a proper polycount/structure for rF2 - and using my original model as a reference, trying to keep a decent standard for the organic shape of this car.

The original bodyshape (without tires and cockpit stuff) was +600K(tris), the new one for rF2 is (actually) around 60Ktris (BodyShape/Wings + Suspensions). My budget for the full car at max quality will be around 100KTris but turning off a few details (ECU/cables/rivets/bolts etc..) the total polycount could be around 60/70KTris. There is not meshsmooth/turbosmooth, just polygon modeling with some nurbs on most organic areas for the LOD100.

The physics will be based on real Telemetry data and feedback, for the Fiat Powertrain engine with 2010 specs.

When it's ready I'm thinking to release just a basic pack with one standard F3 and a basic livery+template (maybe the Entropyxel already made)...hoping some guys out there will made a full mod with the complete Italian Championship 2012...smile.png

Actually there are a lot of parts missing for the game version;

Engine cover+restrictor filter





A first GI render preview of the rF2 version (more renders after I've closed the entire bodyshape);


More of the original work can be seen here (High Poly model offline renders);


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Ok...I'm working on the swheel. It's a momo formula standard with a DDU5 panel and I would like to know how many of these infos could working live (except standards rpm/speed/temp/gear)...tnx

A render of the actual rF2 model;


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First ingame previews (placeholders everywhere and a lot of details/parts off...so just to take a look into the wip...)

PS: I know..the car is actually too low..:P






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Davvero apprezzabile questo lavoro, non sembra manco per rF2! Graficamente è eccellente! Sperando che nulla sia photoshoppato.....chissà, qualche speranza?

Complimenti veri a questo grandissimo MODDER!

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Si tuttle è un grande talento!cmq ha detto che nn sta usando l'HDR attuale di rF2 ma un HDR "modificato" da lui.

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Ovvero sta sfruttando un caratteristica di rF2 ... la possibilità di avere vari profili HDR editabili dagli utenti. :)

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Tuttle ci mostra alcuni screen del menu di setup della vettura, annunciando anche di avere intenzione di rilasciare un manuale per spiegare a dovere il significato di ciascun parametro.

Some screenshots where you can see all garage parameters. Everything is based on the car manual so I think I'll release a basic manual to setup the car properly.

25 is the fixed blade lenght (not adjustable), 2,0 (not solid) is the thickness and 5 are the positions available for this solution, but you don't have to understand the engineering solution to use it. The garage result is pretty easy, as you'll get 5 different ratios for soft and other 5 for stiff, so when you use this ARB you'll get 10 different ARB rates in the garage from min (softest) to max (stiffest). For the 7 position you'll get 14 different values...

As already said everything will be explained in the manual. Seems complicated but it isnt.

I could use just a single "virtual" ARB with average settings but I want to use real values.

post-25-0-90634200-1348209176_thumb.jpg post-25-0-20245200-1348209180_thumb.jpg post-25-0-54481200-1348209188_thumb.jpg post-25-0-01600000-1348209194_thumb.jpg

2011 Restrictor modeling (then I'll made the 2012 version as upgrade)

post-25-0-95314600-1348209269_thumb.jpg post-25-0-71601700-1348209263_thumb.jpg

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In realtá il 25 di cui parla non é la lunghezza ma il diametro esterno del tubo.

L`altra regolazione di cui parla (stiff/Soft) é in realtá sul rocker. Ma effettivamente si hanno 10 possibilitá per la prima barra e 14 per la seconda.

Altra piccola imprecisione é che il display che ha mostrato é quello usato sulle vetture della F3 Euroseries, non su quella del campionato italiano: le prime usano elettronica della Bosch, le altre no. Lo stesso vale per il piccolo box rosso che si vede nella parte sinistra dell'abitacolo negli snapshot relativi.

Anche il modella del Japanese F3 mod era fatto piuttosto bene secondo me, ma dal punto di vista fisico c´erano molte cose ancora migliorabili (vedi le gomme). Sono curioso di vedere come procederá lui.

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