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rFactor 2: 1991 Group C v1.0 by MAK-Corp


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The 1991 Group C mod includes the Mazda 787B, Porsche 962C and the Sauber C11 in the latest version of the mod for rFactor 2. Featuring unique realistic physics for each vehicle as well as different tire compounds, this is your chance to get behind the wheel of the three most iconic racing cars in the history of Group C racing.

- 1991 Mazda 787B model by Ionut Nicolaescu, updated by Dmitriy Barishev.
- 1991 Porsche 962C model by Dmitriy Barishev
- 1991 Sauber C11 model by Dmitriy Barishev
- Unique physics for each vehicle
- Unique engine sounds for each vehicle

Mod Resources
Templates: Download Click HERE[www.mak-corp.com.au]
MOD PDF MANUAL: Download Click HERE[www.mak-corp.com.au]

Join the MAK-Corp Steam Group Here
Visit our Website Here[www.mak-corp.com.au]

MOD PDF MANUAL: Download Click HERE[www.mak-corp.com.au]

MAK-Corp Group C Mod v1.0
- DX9 car now retired by new version.
- All cars fully rebuilt, reworked and running to DX11 standard.
- All physics brought up to current standard and optimisations as well, more detail below for the guys.
- Motec display redone for the Mazda 787B to real car layout and new low fuel warning, thanks Damian.
- Oil Temp added in to the secondary display area in the Porsche cockpit.
- All materials have been fixed and adjusted and mesh quality increased in places to enhance the experience.
- All little things like external cameras clipping for example, looked into and corrected.
- We are optimised for night racing as well, but bear in mind that environment at night is not complete there yet .
- Complete re-balance on all items visually.
- A lot of real life balancing visually on all cars.
- New corrected tyre sidewall for the Sauber, before was unbelievably, inverted.
- Mazda now correctly has centre of origin for spinner and external cameras.
- More Sauber Cars added to balance car skin ratios better, thanks Alavaro.
- All custom skins improved for DX11 build - thanks to all the skin guys Damian, Daniel and Arturo.
- Only functionality missing is fully working wiper functionality currently, but rain support is included already.

Mazda 787B
- Engines now have three mixture positions.
- New Ultrachassis added with revised suspensions geometries/chassis flex.
- New CPM tyres with the latest options. Compounds have different grip and warming levels to match the different tracks.
- Reworked diffuser and relocated.
- Revised AI to match real driver behaviour as much as possible (variable from track to track) and improved performance in wet.
- Front and rear downforce from the bodywork revised.
- Clutch torque revised for shifter and pad options.
- Added engine power detail on garage.
- Damage revised.

Porsche 962
- WSC engine have a new turbo flow.
- Rear Goodyear tyres now uses 18 inch rims instead 19 inches.
- New Ultrachassis added with revised suspensions geometries/chassis flex.
- New CPM tyres with the latest options. Compounds have different grip and warming levels to match the different tracks.
- Reworked diffuser and relocated.
- Revised AI to match real driver behaviour as much as possible (variable from track to track) and improved performance in wet.
- Front and rear downforce from the bodywork revised.
- Clutch torque revised for shifter and pad options.
- Added engine power detail on garage.
- Damage revised.

Sauber C11 
- Improved performance (less drag, more grip, etc).
- Updated engine brake torque, throttle maps, mixtures and softened turbo pressure build up.
- Reduced drag caused by rake.
- Added undertray points and improved collision detection and aerodynamics while flipping in the air. 
- Updated tire construction materials and resolution (more flexible and detailed).
- Improved all tires thermodynamics, wear and grip for wet weather.
- Reduced rubbered path effect on tire grip.
- Reduced grass, dirt, and other terrain types effects on tire temperature.

- Mazda 787B: Improved low rpm power range and high rpm coast sample. 
- Porsche 962C: Added high rpm variants for exterior engine. 
- Sauber C11: Increased turbo intensity.
- All cars updated to cockpit damping feature.

- Mod Production Manager: Petros Mak
- Mazda 787B 3D Vehicle by: Ionut Nicolaescu
- Mazda 787B 3D Vehicle Updates by: Dmitriy Barishev
- Porsche 962C 3D Vehicle by: Dmitriy Barishev
- UV Mapping Mazda 787B by: 1st set by: Bernd Boehm. Re-Mapped by: Lukasz Kacprzykowski
- UV Mapping Porsche 962C by: Juandi Sanchez
- 2D Textures by: Doug Parker, Nigel Phelan
- New Skins from v0.95 by: Arturo Pereira, Damian Baldi, Daniel Gomez
- In-Game Specialist: Liquid4653
- rFactor 2 Physics 787B, 962C by: Damian Baldi
- rFactor 2 Physics C11 by: Alvaro Perez
- Sounds by: Alvaro Perez

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Classic Sports Cars Group

Classic Sports Cars group will be various sports cars between 1960 - 1989 which are not considered apart of any of the other groups. We have not yet determined a full car list for this group and invite the community to have their say for cars they would like to see in our forum via the relevant thread. Click HERE.

Classic Supercars Group

The Classic Supercars Group will be split in various classes and will provide classic supercar models between 1950 to 1989. Cars such as the 1968 Lamborghini Miura and 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO will be housed in this group and we will be showing off the progress we take with the Lamborghini Miura to bring you along the journey from modeling to in-game starting from today.

Classic Muscle Group

This group will provide cars that are considered to be in the Classic Muscle genre of automobiles. Cars like the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T and the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Coupe of which we showed renders of yesterday. This group will also include more cars through expansions as we build up the car list over a period. The group will also have classes to differentiate cars from different decades which have a large difference in performance.

Classic Touring Cars Group

Classic Touring Cars Group will bring a various number of classes giving players a race version of many of these classic cars that were used in those days. This group also intends to have the 60s/70s Australian Touring Car Championship cars within its own class including a classic 60/70s version of the Bathurst track.

Classic Road Cars Group

This group will provide standard road cars that don't fit in the other genres that existed between 1960 to 1989. We have yet to determine how we will structure the classes but we will give info on that in the future.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

fonte -> http://isiforums.net/f/showthread.php/7236-W-I-P-Classic-Cars-Mod

[W.I.P] Classic Cars Mod

Greetings fellow rF2 players and modders alike. We at MAK-Corp felt it was time to share more on the Classic Cars mod project and keep the community more in the loop with the progress of the mod as well as the hope of acquiring more community help. The mod is progressing well but we have a large backlog of cars that need to be mapped and painted. Due to the shortage of uvmapper's our mods are progressing slowly.

PLEASE NOTE: The modelers and artists who work on the classic cars mod are not the same guys who work on the F1 2008 Mod. These are guys who do not model open wheelers so lets not have posts of how this mod is impeding another.

We do however need more help so we can get all the cars mapped and painted so we can release them sooner for all of you to enjoy. Engine sound composers would be a good help too to ensure they get the best sounds. We hope you enjoy the progress we show through this thread.

Anyone interested in helping can get in touch with me via this thread or by sending me a private message.

Mod Details:
The Classic Cars Mod brings together cars from 1950 - 1990. From standard manufacturer road cars to racing cars, the mod will provide many different types of cars. At first the mod is intended to be released with a select number of cars which we show to the community as they progress. The mod will then further be expanded with time with more cars as they get done. The objective with the Classic Cars mod is to build a mod that continues to expand with cars as we build them. The mod will be FREE for all to enjoy and we also have a car request list you can find on our forums at

We are always looking for any extra hands to help us. The shortage lies mostly in UV Mappers, Painters and Sound composers though we welcome anyone from any field. We aim to provide cars built with quality for all of you to enjoy.

Below are links to albums of cars we have shown thus far, we still have more we will be rendering to show over the coming days as well as showing progress of cars that are being modeled currently. For now we'll be posting links to the albums on our facebook page and the next shots will be shown via image attachments here in this thread.


1969 Chevrolet El Camino - Post #10

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Well today we're showing off the first livery for the Lamborghini Miura done by newcomer Nigel Phelan who has joined our 2D Department. Nigel Phelan of NWRAP is known for his texture work in the EWOR mod for rFactor as is his group who made the mod. I'd like to thank him and the other NWRAP members who have joined up to help! More renders to follow later.


Hey guys. We've been working on things and thought I'd give another update. Below we have two simple renders of the interior for the DMC Delorean road version. Before anyone asks, yes the Delorean road version is now completed model wise and we're working on the Back to the Future version. The DMC Delorean is modeled by MAK-Corp Modeler Dimitriy Barishev. We also have some progress on the texturing process of the Chevrolet Chevelle done by FLED. Enjoy!


Now, for the good stuff. Here are some nice previews of the 1981 DMC Delorean which ISI Forum member Yarach requested. This is one of the community requested cars we've decided to do. This model is done by Dmitry Barishev another one of MAK-Corp's 3D Artists. We also have previews of the 1973 BMW 3.0 CSL Group 2 modeled by Balazs Tabanyi. We hope you enjoy these previews. smile.png


Hey guys, time for another update. Here is a look into the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle Modeled, mapped and currently being painted by Condraciuc. The car is progressing well and will be included in the Classic Cars mod along with the El Camino he modeled. This is a look at the current progress so enjoy!


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