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Build 154

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Build 154 (17/2/12, Team Member +)


Changed Fanatec wheel default from 270 degree range to 900 degree range. This would be a problem if the player did not calibrate the wheel before driving

Removed memtrace calls from System Pool header expansion due to deadlock issue until they can be sorted properly

Fixed force effect thread crashes by implementing deferred creation/deletion of forces

Removed loading code for obsolete tracksglobal pakfile

Increased fidelity of replays for player and AI vehicles

Aries: Fixed memory leaks in Timings::ExportBestLiveLapData due to incorrect mempool overries

Ambient shadow height editing with F1 menu and reduced default to 5cm (from 25cm) to stop overlapping with bodywork

Camera / replay updates:

Physics tick and pause uses the same sync timer

Update camera using new metrics from physics

Physics sync timer uses app timer exclusively

Deprecated SetPhysicsClock no longer required

Detachable components and attached wheels are now regularly updated for AI vehicles

Detachable components are updated only once per simulation step.

Disabled automatic switch to "photomode" when pressing P - this stops the game pad right trigger from causing the camera to shoot into the ground if you hit P to pause the game

Increased number of op user channels from 12 to 13 to avoid crash occuring when changing window focus with certain wheels and recently added deferred effects deletion code

Corrected custom livery number for F68

Belgian Forest and Bathurst WDF edited and new textures added

Formula A: quick fix for offset sidepod collision mesh.

New livery for GUMPERTS

Increased far clipping dist for all cameras

Removed some understeer from the Kart. Increased front grip

New Caterham export

New California Raceway export

Build 153 (16/2/12, Senior Manager)

Removed all statics from HDR control, these were causing interference between the rear view mirror and the main scene. Hud now copies HDR params from main scene and from environment manager (otherwise mirror dims twice when in cockpit view). This stops the screen changing brightness if you turn the mirror on and off

Fix for uninitialised var in HDR setup

Fix for brake light glows

Aries: Added placeholder files for ghost sources

AI metrics updates:

Added sub-tick metrics for AI vehicles to match the higher updated metrics for the player

Adjustments to timestamping so subticks are marked appropriately

Correct component index is now reported to cockpit render on wheel detach/repair

Added some extra functionality for text merging to aid localisation process, for clearing out strings that change and writing out translations that have missing languages

Updated RCF files to contain custom wheels as well

Added physics tweakers for processing of vehicle contacts

Fixed audio compression settings so that the FormulaB and Leonus don't use excessive disk space

Increased smoke generation thresholds to make tyre smoke less likely.

New skydome crossfade shader

Tweak to exterior 3d pan levels

Added classic belts and LODs & material

WIP new skydome rendering .. allows cross fading

Build 152 (15/2/12, Senior Manager)

Increased thresholds before skid sounds start

Revised FFB dead zone helper

Updated max steering lock scalar to 4.0

FFB deadzone work

FFB reduced over-aggressive bumps, causing problems in the kart

Racer: Adjusted roof cam to show driver's helmet by default

Ariel Atom Mugen: AO finished. Ultra detail now using INTERIOR_LODX model

Formula A: merged in UV mapped body parts, lots of fixes, meshes cloned

New textures and improve existing - Belgian Forest

Added custom liveries for all cars

Custom wheel textures added

New Belgian Forest export

New Formula A export

New Ariel Atom Mugen export

Build 151 (14/2/12, Manager+)

Updated the game stat handling to automatically replace any personal bests stored locally in the profile by times received from the server when browsing leaderboards or when loading into a track. Also delete locally stored personal best if a personal best stat query returns nothing

TM F430/RGT FFB config updated. Users of these wheels are required to delete their player profile <default.sav>

Better graphics defaults.

Increase the max clamp of the steering lock scalar created from the steering ratio to allow ratios greater than the natural steering wheel lock. Moved VM_STEER_RATIO enum to correct place

FFB update: deadzone work, also a tweak to road noise with clamp

Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix

Slightly improved Belgian Forest cameras

Initial Kart driver setup

Adjusted roof camera of Kart

Increased the brake pressure +15%. Caterham 500

Upped AI fuel load estimates by 10-15% so they won't run out of fuel in a 3 lap or less race

Locked chase cam behind car

Turn off cockpit pertubation scaling

Fixed drain Belgian Forest texture

Build 150 (13/2/12, Senior Manager)

Multi-turn wheels now default to maximum lock instead of 360 degrees.

Old sprites removed and lower in memory now, SMS/WMD logos moved to login sprite container, Audio page updated, Video page temporarily fixed (still needs swapping to panel layout), steering lock tidied on Controls screen, Max Steering Ratio added on Setup screen (needs Geds Applink), Fast/Slow labels added on Setup screen, re-arrangement of logos on splash/login

Added MaxSteeringRatio app link

Hidden the max steering ratio value

Gumpert Apollo 1pass animation set + fixed wrong car name in .CD

Gumpert Apollo 3PV steering head fix

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Giulio MSC

La migliore scaricata fino ad ora.

Continuate così!!!!!

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Luca Bise

che enormi progressi sta facendo questo bel sim, appena scaricata e provata!Ah dimenticavo ho anche aggiunto una 20ina di euro al loro budget, se li meritano tutti per il gran lavorone che stanno facendo :dribble: La Formula A mi piace un casino :thumbsup:

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Guest chiavediviolino

MUST START A NEW PROFILE WITH THIS BUILD --> ma cosa significa?? che devo creare un nuovo profilo (quindi nuova password e nick) e che nn posso più usare quello vecchio?

Edited by chiavediviolino

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Quando vai ad installare il gioco, troverai nelle opzioni di installazione un quadratino con la spunta.

Non togliere il segno di spunta perchè l'hanno messo apposta di default per cancellare il tuo profilo, per evitare casini tra la nuova installazione ed il vecchio profilo.

** non devi creare nulla di nuovo (nick, pass), poichè fa tutto l'installazione.

Edited by delpinsky

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sempre sti dannati problemi di visual lag!!

ora non esce nemmeno più dal gioco e windows mi dice che ariel ha smesso di funzionare!

direi che la mi sf**a non ha limiti......finora non ho trovato una built giocabile.......porcaccia!!!!!

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zolillo, che sistema hai?

Io per esempio ho un Core i7 2,66Ghz / 12GB RAM / GeForce GTX 570 o.c. e fino ad ora le buld non mi hanno mai dato problemi di stuttering/visual lag.

In ogni caso, sul foum WDM tieni sempre in firma la tua configurazione, così quando posti un problema almeno hanno modo di capire da dove possa provenire.

Edited by delpinsky

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io credo (anzi sono sicuro!) che sia sempre per il problema di quel bidone di volante che ho (microsoft sidewinder) anche perchè se guido con la tastiera va che è una meraviglia!

mi toccherà cambiare volante e sono molto tentato dal fanatec csr semplice, vedremo.........

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Guest fenomeno

Scaricato la build apro i file zip ma mi danno errore, li avro riscaricati 20 volte ma sempre lo stesso problema non so più che cosa fare :sad:

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Scaricato la build apro i file zip ma mi danno errore, li avro riscaricati 20 volte ma sempre lo stesso problema non so più che cosa fare :sad:

Scarica il pacchetto in versione torrent, usa un download manager o aggiorna il programma che usi per aprire i file.

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