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Alessandro Pollini

[GTR2] - Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

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Alessandro Pollini


Nome file: Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing

Autore del file: Alessandro Pollini

File inserito: 30 Oct 2011

File aggiornato: 30 Oct 2011

Categoria del file: Cover wheel Mods

Author : Benmk1

this is a complete overworked version of the LkwFan Version, from Frank#55s rFactor Truck-Series V2.0 (1024 Version).

In this version all 36 trucks and driver skins working!

z-axis corrected

All cockpits resitze and corrected position to the truck modell

eng, hdc, tyr file overworked

Hood view / Light / Damage working

New Analog Instruments and different color (Limit/Unlimit Version)

No collision in pits with low high (Nogaro, Jarama ect.). Trucks drivable Qual/Race on all tracks.

Animated Wiper (selectable with GenString)

New Driver Names and Talent files

Championship for 2002 and 2003

Technical Data:

MBTR Truck 160 km/h: 476PS @2625, 1468 Nm @1625, 5000Kg, 160kph

MBTR Truck Unlimited: 1057PS @2625, 4193 Nm @1625, 5000Kg, 315kph

All 160kph Trucks has identic setups, and all unlimited too (Unlimited has 2 final gears).

AI Speed:

In Qual was the AI extrem fast. I have made the AI slower with the Talent files.

When you will faster/slower AI open the talent files an correct the AI ColdBrain variables.

QualColdBrainMin=0.85 // percentage of racing ability (with this % speed the AI beginn the Qual)

QualColdBrainTime=1100 // this is the time in second, that the AI need from QualColdBrainMin to 100% speed.

The most Talent files has default values. The values in the Talent files not realistic!


Standard is the Hard tire. The AI use only this tire in dry.

Only when the AI is very fast in qual, use the medium or soft tire for qual.

The most races in the Championship you can win, when your start position is 6-15.



Championship file for 2002 and 2003, with AIW/GDB fixes for any tracks.

Read the Readme for more Information.




Copy all Data in ...\GTR2\

When you have a other version of Truck Mod, deactivate or delete this.


Look in the Genstring.txt



LkwFan thanks for permission

AHTOAH remap the MAN Chasis and Expo Modell


Frank, P.Wardog, M.Saxinger, Speed12, AngeEve, Dr.Groove

read the Truck_seriesV2_readme.txt

Have fun


Clicca qui per scaricare il file

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Marcelo Nunes

Fai clic su DOWNLOAD e vai alla pubblicità, ottieni ENABLE LINK ANCORA?

(Google translate)

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