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[Shift 2] Unofficial Community Patch

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Disponibile la Unofficial Community Patch, realizzata da alcuni ragazzi con l'intento di correggere tutti i piccoli errori rimasti all'interno dei file di Shift 2.

Dopo la versione 1.03 rilasciata ieri, ecco arrivare la 1.04 con qualche altra correzione. Pare comunque ci siano altre cose da sistemare, io quindi aspetterei un pochino prima di installare il tutto.

Combines a number of bug fixes and enhancements while still retaining the original Shift features and "flavour".

Main authors: JDougNY and matt2380.

Valuable contributors: brrupsz, djotefsoup, Jeroen vd Helm, Kazumi, SakuraBlack, xpertvision.

Also big thanks to Juls for the great inject tool (with no size limit) used in the installation of this patch.

Important information:


- requires latest official patch (v1.02)

- intended for use with a freshly installed game, but *should* also work with a modded game, as it will inject new files into your modded bff files.

- due to the significant changes made to the car tuning, the best thing to do is to reset any of your saved car setups.




- fixed issues with unlocking hidden cars which caused an issue with main menu and prevented starting a new career.

- added some missing chassis updates.


- removed intro movies.

- numerous changes within chassis files:

-- fixed reversed toe values bug (flip values to match tuning menu).

-- created standard adjustment units for the following tuning options (set all base values to 0, this way you know what you're actually setting for these items):

---- tyre pressure now displays the actual kPa value.

---- steering lock now displays your actual steering lock.

---- differential Power/Coast/Preload

-- caster ranges now range from 0 to 70, corresponding to 0 to 7 degrees.

-- established a common base camber tuning range (-5 to +5 degrees) and adjustment value (0.1).

-- unlocked more default tuning options for lower tier cars.

-- fixed uneven ReboundTravel on many cars.

-- fixed diffuser base value typos on various cars.

-- fixed uneven left/right tuning on various cars.

-- fixed front & rear wing range for Audi R8 LMS.

-- fixed camber values on various cars.

-- Corrected fuel tank locations (some were up to 2m behind car).

-- fixed missing DiffPumpSetting values (from "DiffPumpSetting= " to "DiffPumpSetting=0" which was found to produce more consistent AI behaviour in Overhaul mod for Shift 1).

- fixed a bug that prevented proper upgrade of Mercedes 190e Evo2.

- unlocked hidden cars and events.

- disabled reverse driving penalty.

- reduced the magnetized effect of collisions with walls/rails and other vehicles.

- fixed reversed mirrors.

- fixed syntax errors in tracks.lod files.


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Ecco la 1.05, i lavori comunque vanno ancora avanti.

v1.05 Changelist (see readme for full changelist):

- removed the "unlock hidden cars and events" component in v1.03 and v1.04 because it was causing some problems with save games/new careers/menu selection for some people, sorry! Anyone who installed v1.03 or v1.04 and had problems with their savegame should restore their ORIGINAL UNMODDED (v1.02) backups of "\Pakfiles\BOOTFLOW.bff" and "\Pakfiles\BOOTPSA.bff" before installing v1.05.

- fixed typos in three files that were included with the original game (two menu files and one damage file).

- enabled ability to skip career movies.

- corrected power of Mazda RX7 FC rotary (engine and turbo).

- corrected install location of some of the track.lod files

- adjusted max caster from 70 to 73 (to match range of default game = 72.5)


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Ed ecco anche la 1.06.

v1.06 changelist:

- new automated backup and install method

- corrected engine swap HP menu stats

- sellable Speedhunters DLC cars

- increase maximum career level to 30 with following reward vehicles:

Level 21 = Limited Edition cars, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Nissan S15, and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Level 22 = Chevrolet Camaro, Dr Pepper Edition

Level 23 = Porsche GT3, AutoBild Edtion

Level 24 = Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

Level 25 = Aston Martin DBS Volante

Level 26 = Audi R8 Spyder

Level 27 = Pagani Cinque Roadster

Level 28 = Pagani Cinque Roadster, Hot Pursuit Edition

Level 29 = Lamborghini Reventon, Hot Pursuit Cop Edition

Level 30 = Koenigsegg Agera

- increase prize money earned in quick races from $200 to $20,000

- enable prize money and XP for solo quick race

- increase caster range from 0-7.3 to 0-10 degrees

- Increase garage spaces to 800

- fixed sound for Nissan 2000GTR and Nissan 240ZG engine swap

- fixed Mazda RX8 and porsche 914 engine descriptions

- fixed bug in Bugatti Veyron rear-left SlowBumpRange

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Anche se il gioco non è più molto seguito, c'è ancora qualcuno che ci sta lavorando sopra. Partendo dalla versione 1.06, altri ragazzi stanno cercando di sistemare qualche altro dettaglio. Per chi volesse provare la versione attuale della patch può trovare tutti i dettagli a questo link.

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Si continua a lavorare sulla patch non ufficiale: nell'ultima versione si è cercato di porre rimedio alle collisioni che "incollano" l'auto.

It includes a fix for the sticky car-to-car collisions proposed by tulib, and it also includes a prepackaged physicstweaker.mrdf JSGME add-on for enabling Live Trace, thus requiring no HEX editing for those who don't want to mess with that.

Finally, it includes the Minimod dinput8.dll as a JSGME add-on.

Get your UCP v1.1-pre1.0.98 crack here. All users are encouraged to upgrade and test the car-to-car stickiness changes.

README here as usual. (Remember to read the update notes in the README in the uninstall section).

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Ho provato a guardare un po' in giro ma non sono riuscito a trovarla. :(

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Ciao, non è che qualcuno riesce a caricare/passarmi la Unofficial Community Patch 1.06 che non richiede di unpackare il gioco a differenza delle ultime? I link nella sezione download ( http://www.drivingit...s&showfile=1146 ) sono tutti morti tranne l'ultima... Grazie!

Ti consiglio vivamente di installare la patch pre 1.1 che oltre a risolvere molti bug del gioco ti permette di installare facilmente le nuove auto! Adesso sono davvero tante le auto addon e sono fatte molto bene, incluse le Ferrari pack!

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v1.75 -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=1146


What is PTMu and PTMuArcade?
(Polish Tyre Mod)u v1.75 is a physics modification for SHIFT 2:Unleashed. It's aimed to turn this game into simulation (or at least a decent simcade) by putting as much realistic data as possible into the physics engine. PTMu is meant to be used with FFB steering wheel, preferably one that has 900 degrees of rotation. PTMuArcade on the other hand is strictly for gamepads. Both mods require Unofficial Community Patch (unpacked game) to work.

What's new in PTMu 1.75:
-Added two versions of the mod – PTMu (for steering wheels) and PTMuArcade (for gamepads),
-Added dynamic tyre stiffnesses (greatly improves car handling and realism),
-Added realistic engines based on dyno maps (improves car handling and realism),
-Recalculated inertias in order to calm down sensitive tyre model (improves car handling),
-Adjusted spring and damper range options (more suspension tuning options),
-Changed grip levels for different compounds (improves realism),
-Changed slip angle curves (improves FFB),
-Changed lateral and longitudinal camber gains (improves car handling and realism),
-Changed tyre stiffness values of all cars (basically all crucial parts of tyre files are new),
-Changed camber stiffness relative (slightly improves realism),
-Added separate supercharger for few cars (necessary change),
-Added separate tyre files for a bunch of cars (necessary change),
-Changed two suspension files (improves car handling),
-Added lower steering lock version for 270 degrees wheels to 'Extras' (playability),
-Added x360 gamepad settings (playability),
-Added short tutorial and inertia calculator for making addon cars playable with PTMu (#swag),
-Tickrate increased to 360 (improves simulation),
-Drag, Standing mile and Drift modes are finally playable (and fun!),
-Handbrake force is tweaked to be more usable in drift mode,
-Added No Arms and No Steering Wheel in cockpit to 'Extras'

Contents of this package:
1. 'PTMu (steering wheels)' folder:
-'Base mod' folder – contains folder with PTMu v1.75 ready for 900 degree steering wheels,
-'Extras' folder – contains folders with following plugins for PTMu:
-No Arms In Cockpit v1.0,
-No Steering Wheel In Cockpit v1.0,
-Addon for 270 degrees steering wheels (lowers steering lock from 30 to 14),
-TyreHeatingOff (turns off tyre heating – handy for long drifting events),
-270 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-900 Degrees Wheel Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings),
-Logitech G25 Profiler Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)
2. 'PTMuArcade (gamepads)' folder:
-'Base mod' folder – contains folder with PTMuArcade v1.75,
-X360 Gamepad Settings.jpg (screenshot with settings)
3. Complete changelog.txt (complete changelog in text format),
4. PTMu – Manual.pdf,
5. PTMu-Simplified-Inertia-Calc.xls (tool for modders)



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