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Alessandro Pollini


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Author : wildman_fr

All new physics were done using real data when possible.Some concessions were made in order to simplify and speed up this release, such as lack of car or team

specific items or values. Still, most diferent versions of all cars were done, and performance reflects that.

Tracks used to gauge car performance were mainly Spa, Anderstorp, and Paul Ricard.

Cars have:

- Realistic aero

- Realistic suspension values

- Custom suspension geometries

- Realistic track dimension values when possible (sometimes graphical imperfections prevent use of most real values)

- Realistic skidpad values

- Accurate gear ratios when possible

- Realistic weight distribution

Here is the final version of the Mod, which should be as free from bugs as possible.

-New gear ratios for 964 Turbos

-New Skins for 993's

-fixed graphical offset for 964/993/Esprit

-Clear Windscreens

-Fixed liveries for Alpine & F348

Thanks to Alex1911, Alexmezza and Gogo404 for this update.


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Hello, it turns out the link is dead. Any chance you could fix that?

Alternate download link: tt.servegame.com:100/GTR2/CARS/A-F/BPR_GGTS_2.410.rar

Edited by kalsonic12
found a working link

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