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[GTR2] - GTR2 Championship Manager

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File Name: GTR2 Championship Manager

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 04 Jul 2011

File Category: Patch & addons

This is a stand-alone application that will, among other things, enable users to create and edit GTR2 championships in minutes! All add-on vehicles and tracks can be added to championships, and any combination of vehicle classes may compete against each other in the championship. There are no limits to number of tracks, and number of vehicles are obviously limited to the maximum allowed on the selected tracks. But all in all, the possibilities are endless!


Nitr0 and Majkee for their time and effort spent testing the application, as well as their valuable input and suggestions.

Please feel free to communicate any issues and suggestions to me as this application must evolve into something that should not only represent the ideas of those involved in its design and development, but most importantly, that of each and every individual who makes use of it.

Changes in Version 1.1 to 1.5: See ReadMe

Changes in Version 1.6:

Changes in Version 1.1:

Added some error handling in the load process to prevent an application crash when files are missing or in an incorrect format.

Changes in Version 1.2:

NB: No need to uninstall the previous version (but feel free to do so if you prefer!) as this install will update the relevant files.

1. Fixed the number format issue, so users with any number format specified in Regional Settings should now be able to open championships without errors.

2. Fixed issues where track specific points system did not save.

3. On the vehicles screen, only the selected vehicle groups will be displayed in the bottom left information box.

4. Improved code to assign values to slider controls and added more error handling, so files with "out-of-range" data can be processed without generating errors.

5. Minor User Guide update.

Changes in Version 1.3:

1. Good news for Windows 7 and Vista users! Removed the need to access the Windows Registry from the application. This should eliminate the permission / access messages displayed when launching the


2. Track search functionality added. Quickly find tracks by entering 3 or more characters of the track name. More info in the User Guide.

3. Facility added to add a random selection of tracks. NOTE: For those (like me!) who do not bother to read manuals - This option will REPLACE the current selection of tracks, if any, of a

championship. More information in the User Guide.

4. The "Race Laps" controls will only be enabled and number of laps added to the championship gdb if the championship is an Official championship, or if the Race Distance is defined as "Laps" in

the Options screen. To revert to adding the number of laps to a championship, Select "Time" in the options screen and edit the championship. If track specific laps are not defined, the championship

default will be saved to each track during the save process.

5. Minor cosmetic changes at application startup.

6. Removed the "prefix" message displayed when saving a new championship. I doubt that anyone will miss it!

7. User guide update.

Changes in Version 1.4:

1. Fixed the bug where the number of laps or race duration of the last selected track was saved to all other selected tracks of the championship.

2. Fixed some other minor bugs.

Changes in Version 1.5:

1. Added functionality to record certain error-prone processing steps to a trace file named 'GTR2CM_Trace.txt' in the GTR2 Championship Manager application directory.

2. Added more error handling.

Changes in Version 1.6:

1. Updated application to prevent errors when using on Windows 7 64-bit Operating System.

2. Fixed the "CategoryLists" value so that it does not calculate to one less than the actual number of categories.

NOTE: Due to change #1, existing users may need to redefine the GTR2 path and default settings after upgrading to this version.

Click here to download this file

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Ragazzi,qualcuno mi puo spiegare come funziona questo programmino?

GTR2 l'ho installato su un hard disk secondario.

Stando alle istruzioni,una volta installato,bisogna dare il percorso della cartella di installazione di GTR2,ma poi mi da messaggi di errore. Mi dice che in quelle cartella non si trova il file exe del gioco ( ma non è cosi) e di conseguenza mi da l'errore di caricamento delle piste,delle auto,ecc. Ho win7 64 bit,ma spero che questo nonsi un problema.


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Hello, the 1.62 version is no longer available! Where to find it back please? and someone could help me to fix the exception error - impossible to find path... please? Thanks a lot!

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