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Display buttonbox home made -> 30$

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After about 2 weeks involved in this project, it's finally done.

I had an Arduino (programmable board with a microcontroller) gathering dust and decided to use it with iRacing. Despite having some troubles to find some components and drilling the square hole for the gear indicator (lost almost two hours on that!), it was really fun to do it. I also had to code microcontroller and the software for interfacing the iRacing API with it. I plan to release all the sources and schematics tomorrow. Here's are a few pics of it:


I've added the amount of buttons that fit my needs, but you can easily expand or customize it. At the moment it has:

-RPM lights (this can be customized better)

-Gear indicator

-Pit limiter, rev limiter and low fuel LEDs

-5 general purposes switches (I'm using for pit limiter and controlling the black box)

-1 rotary switch to deal with the black boxes (fuel, tire pressures etc).

Here's a video of it in action

the "whole" build process

The total cost of this project, without the Arduino, was U$21.00 (35 BRL), including all components and the plastic case. You can find an Arduino for U$11,00 on eBay (from where I bought mine about 1 year ago), so it's still very cheap even if you don't have one.

As I said, I plan to release the sources and schematics tomorrow in case that anyone is interested in building something similar. It shouldn't be too hard, as I have almost zero knowledge in electronics and was able to sort this out (there are very few components, so the problem resumes to soldering, basically).

here are the schematics, sources and parts list.




The RAR file has:

VB.NET source code for interfacing with iRacing API, Arduino serial port and PPJoy DLL

iWrapClient.dll and PPJoyDLL.dll (I coded it too, but I'm releasing only the DLL)

Arduino source code ready for upload to the board


Parts list


It is U$ 6,00 more expansive than I told before because I forgot to include the perfboard and case prices. Anyway, U$27,00 still cheap. Those prices were converted from my currency (BRL) to USD using a 1,7 rate. Prices in US should be cheaper than here, so I expected the total price to be lower than the one I posted.

I also forgot to mention before that you need PPJoy installed and configured with a joystick with at least 6 buttons in it. PPJoy is freeware.

[fonte iRacing forum]

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davvero interessante... solo sarebbe carino implementarlo in netkar-pro .... o avere un mezzo di sviluppo per nkp ...

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