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netKar PRO v1.3 Beta 1 disponibile!


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DOWNLOAD -> (mirrors attivi by Drivingitalia.NET)

netKar PRO 1.3 - Beta version

Release note


- New shaders

- Improved track textures (Aosta)

- Improved tyre lighting


- Weather conditions

- Puddles

- Tarmac reflections

- Thunder and lightning effects


- New Tyre model


- Reduced server CPU usage when idle

- Added "Damage Level" setting

Additional contents

.Classic GT Vintage

.Osella PA21-S

.Trento-Bondone Hillclimb Course


netKar PRO v1.2

- Added the new FormulaKS2 car

- Improved tyre model

- Improved differential model

- Improved multiplayer contact response

- Improved loading times

- Added a live laptime report for multiplayer races

- Added realtime performance meter

- "Controls" overlay is now on by default

it is possible to turn it off by setting the line:






in the file "cfg/overlays.ini"

- Controls overlay now show brake and throttle activity during replay

- Fixed wrong steer ration showing during replays recorded with different steer lock

- Smoother steering wheel movements during replay

- Only PAYCODE is now NEEDED to unlock the lincense

netKar PRO v1.2 B (disponibile in AUTOUPDATE)

- Fixed FormulaKS2 windscreen hiding remote cars

- Fixed fog not correctly displayed

- Added "fog.ini" to allow per track fog customization. See "tracks/prato/fog.ini" for a reference.

- Fixed dds texture failing to load when quality level is not full and the file contains mipmaps.

- Added loading bar to KTO files

- Fixed cutoff timing on the KS2

- Fixed triple screen scenery pop-up

- Added option to disable gamma ramp correction (DISABLEGAMMA in nk3d.ini)

- Fixed sliding vector having wrong magnitude in the tyre model

netKar PRO v1.2 "C"

- Improved server outgoing message flow

- Redesigned multithread implementation on Online Race Lobby to use less CPU resources

- Fixed server list ordering by connected users

- Fixed server list ordering by server name

- Server list is now ordered by connected users by default

- Added GUI option to select "loop mode" for hosted races

- Added "Invert first 6 places" loop mode for hosted races

- Fixed wrong aero drag calculation for extreme negaive body angle of attack value

- Improved contact response in car to car collisions

- Reduced aero draft effect

- Added "CONTACT" report to server log

- Added "START" report to server log

- Cars have more resistence to impacts

- Local car uses slot number 3 in top leaderboard

- Fixed server reporting wrong access code resulting in password box not showing up for started races


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Grazie ed in bocca al lupo per tutto.

Sempre in gamba, siete i migliori.

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Sperando, prima di tutto, che si siano risolti i "problemucci prima citati", siamo tutti contenti dell'imminente rilascio !!!! :thumbsup:

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Buongiorno a tutti,

ci scusiamo per il ritardo accumulato rispetto al rilascio della versione 1.3 di netKar PRO atteso per lo scorso Natale, periodo nel quale abbiamo dovuto affrontare imprevisti di diversa natura che non sto qui a spiegare ma che non ci hanno consentito di rispettare la tabella di marcia che avevamo stabilito. A questo si

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