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Guest SamAlexTrue

1967 mod is released for F1 Challnege

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Guest SamAlexTrue


To play 1967 mod you must have 1966 and 1969 mods previously installed!

Link for the 1966 season is here


Links for the 1969 season are here

1969-1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZR6E51YL

1969-2 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YENIYRTT

1969-3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LERGXSUP

1969-4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2KQJWPBZ

Then unpack 1967 folders into you F1 Challenge directory with confirmation of overwriting files.

New version of Monaco and Mosport will come with the next release.

Order of installation:

1) 1966 mod

2) 1969 mod

3) 1967 mod


--\\\-MAIN NOTE-\\\--

"The Sixties" project is a free addon for F1 Challenge that is considered to contain race-by-race modifications of Formula-1 cars of 1960-1969 periond.

Apologize me for possible cases of misplaced or wrong logotypes.

Some tracks have wrong AI waypoints, it must be a temporary problem, I hope it would be fixed with help of community.

--\\\-HOW TO INSTALL-\\\--

1) Unpack the files into your F1 Challenge directory

2) Run 1960S3DConfig.exe

3) Run 1960S.exe

4) Enjoy



In case you use keyboard you better have aids settings as they are providing with this mod. The optimal amount of digital steering rate is 22% +\-1% to use with steering assistance disabled. I foresee some negative talkes about technical parameters of these cars comparing with GPL so I have to say we have got some terrible things copying these parameters as they are in GPL. So sorry about wrong technical data of suspensions.


This instruction tells about adding new tracks for this mod. For example we have 2009 Sepang to add. As usual add this track in Circuits folder, write filters you need and so on and then open gdb file of Sepang, look for

SettingsAI = 2009 Malaysia.svm

line and replace this line to

SettingsAI = 1966_Zandt_f1.svm

then save and enjoy this track with The Sixties.

This is an AI setup to guarantee their good behaviour.



SamAlex (Alexander Samoylov)


-\\please really sorry if I forgot to mention someone\\-

-The original GPL 1965 mod:

Richard DeLong

Richard Cooke

Sam Dobie

Rolf Farrell

Bill Guillaume

Doug Hardy

Gustavo Olivera

Gary Tall

Neil Vaughn


Steffen Weitzdoerfer

David Wright


-The original GPL 1966 mod:

Charles Mark ( CJM )

Paul Skingley

Richard Cooke

Nigel Pattinson

Marco Medici ( Irridux )

Remy Roesz ( remy67 )

Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )

David Wright ( Lo67 )

Arturo Pereira

Doug Hardy ( Do0g )

Sam Dobie


Pascal Celton


Jeroen Goedhart

Marc Ostermann

Luc Van Gossum

-The original GPL 1967 update:


-The original GPL 1968 carset:

Marco "Irridux" Medici

and the others (based on the 1967 mod)

-The original GPL 1969 mod:

Paul Skingley

Charles Mark ( CJM )

Richard Cooke

Nigel Pattinson

Paul Thurston

Marco Medici ( Irridux )

Lee Bowden

Dave Wright

Andi Schremser ( ChiefWiggum )

Gene Fryman ( Codehound )

Remy Roesz ( remy67 )

Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )

Richard Delong ( Fireeyes2 )

Klaus Thon ( Citytea )

Paul Jackson ( Speedgeezers )

Scott Przyblyski

Phil Flack ( Guru )

Scott Stark

Jorge Cerezo

Doug Hardy ( Do0g )

Gary Tall

Joroen Goedhart

Andrea Carlisi ( yDNA )

Luc Van Gossum

Marc Ostermann

Sam Dobie


SamAlex (Alexander Samoylov)




Kindly provided by CREW, 1960s graphic kindly made by Me_slayer10


Kindly edited by MotorFx,

really many thanks to all the guys and teams that made the tracks.

Hi res textures updates for some tracks made by JP and culmone67.


Victor Sidorenko (modelling) \ SamAlex (editing)




Pascal Celton


Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )


and others


Kindly permission to use their menu, 3d models of drivers, helmets

and lower parts of the cocpits with textures they belong.


Hukuma, for the great help on physics

Me_slayer10, for main tips, menu providing and important help

MotorFx, he is the best tracks maker\editor I ever met

Paul Skingley, many thanks for permission to converse part of

the cars from GPL and for support and important information.

David Wright, also many thanks for permission to converse part of

the cars from GPL, for support, important information and help with my English:)

AndreyDriver, to my close friend, who supports me and gives important tips

Victor Sidorenko, to the best 3D modeller

Dimalar (Dmitry Laryagin), to my close friend, who ever help me on

information, just supports and does other help

Wookey, for help on information and other support

Aerogi's Motorsport Pictures Forum, for the best collection of photos,

many thanks to everyone on the forum.

Joe Satriani, for the best music, Joe is really not of this Earth,

just get this album 1992 - The Extremist

And again, please really sorry if I forgot to mention someone!


No conversion to other simulations without permission given by David Wright, Paul Skingley and Alexander Samoylov.

contact me only f1c@rambler.ru or ICQ 490822401

Alexander aka SamAlex Samoylov, 2010, July 16

Links (2 parts):

1967-1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FLU0FPK3

1967-2 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AFD7V357

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