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Renault Sport Clio Cup 2008 by True2Life-Racing

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versione 1.01 http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads

Welcome to the True2Life-Racing Clio Cup -2008 version 1.01 Full Install.

Features added to the Race 07/GTR Evolution/STCC/Race On Version:

- Custom Skin support using the "CustomSkins" folder .ini system

- Wet tyres tyre physics models

- Functioning Rain/Dirtscreen/Wipers

Known issues:

- bonnet reflection(spec map) not working correctly in bonnet view

- ambient shadow refuses to work

- double wipers location not perfect (can't hex edit like a single wiper)


--// Pre-installation //--


Please delete the following folders before installing this edition:

..\race 07\GameData\Teams\T2L_Addons\Clio_Cup

..\race 07\GameData\Talent\T2L-Racing\Clio_Cup


--// Installation //--


- extract to main Race07 folder


C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\**your-user-name**\race 07\

This Mod wouldn't have been possible without:

- The awesome rF mod made by www.slo-racing.com

- Stephan Sabath

- Simone Di Luca

- Giorgio Chierego

- Renault

- RaceDepartment.com

- The beta testing team

- Simbin (of course)

- And you, the Sim Racing Community!


-----// Changelog //-----


--// v1.01 //--

- Updated AI Talent for Slovenija Drivers

- Updated AI Talent for Espana Drivers

- Updated disc brake textures thank to Giorgio

- Updated gear shift animation position thanks to RacingTurtle

- Updated AI Talent for French Drivers with help from RacingTurtle

- Updated CustomSkin ini files

- Updated audio file

- Removed the 2006 and 2007 Espana teams and added the UK 2008 group as there are many skins being painted

- Possible AI tyre compound selection fix

--// v1.0 //--

- Initial Public Release


Please post finding, feeling, bugs, errors over at RaceDepartment.com in the True2Life-Racing forums host there...

More teams will be added in the near future :)


This mod clashed with at least the following other Mods:

ID=188 - GTL LOTUSCORTINA --##--##-- Clio CUP Esp08

ID=189 - GTL MINI --##--##-- Clio CUP Slo08

ID=190 - GTL Pantera --##--##-- Clio CUP Fra08

ID=191 - GTL Abarth 1000TCR --##--##-- Clio CUP UK08



Günthar Rowe

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scusate se riapro la discussione... ma perchè non si trova più questa MOD??

Renault Sport Clio Cup 2008 by True2Life-Racing

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There any were i can get the full mod? 

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