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nuovi screens per rFactor 2 !

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Ma una data ancora non c'

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Guest cosm1

oh my god, oh my god!!! Ok, so gi

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Promette di diventare il nuovo riferimento in fatto di Simracing. Spero tanto che abbiano tenuto conto anche dell'off line, quindi con una IA pi

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Nei commenti su VirtualR un ragazzo ha aguzzato la vista e ha segnalato una cosa interessante che si intravede dietro ad uno dei menu: controllate anche voi! :biggrin:


Qui invece trovate anche un breve resoconto sugli incontri passati di InsideSimRacing e Gjon, oltre ad una spiegazione di ciò che si trova nelle immagini.

1) Looking over Gjon’s shoulder, you’ll notice he has his laptop connected to our monitor. On screen you’ll see the track selection screen and he’s at a point to point rally type stage called “Hillclimb Club”

2) Close up of the car selection section with a 2008 open wheel racer.

3) One of my favorite new features. The ability to change weather over the course of a race. (Close up) Gjon also mentioned the ability to randomize this feature so that you have no idea whats coming at you. Also check out the ability to adjust humidity, wind direction and speed. Of course there’s also RAIN !! By the way I saw some rain that I believe we have on our live action camera.

4) A wider shot of the race setup screen.

5) This is the series selection area. Sorry for the blur, he was switching them as I clicked the shutter. Notice the Historic F1 & F2, GT World Endurance, Hillclimb, Formula Masters. Won’t it be cool if all those come with rF2 ? Remember, Gjon said some of this content may not make the final version.

6) Finally, the new showroom…

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eppur si muove!! :thumbsup:

quoto per l'offline: speriamo in una IA decente, mica si vuole einstein al volante, ma almeno piloti che non tamponino la safety car!! Un offline godibile, per me che ho poco tempo

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