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Guest CAR

Not a lot of people know that

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Guest CAR

although by now you probably all do, but as this English forum's looking a little bare, here are things discovered by myself and others that have had too much time on their hands:

  • netBike; you can use add-on tracks in this demo by copying over the 'ase' folder from your nKPro installation.
  • Marangoni Driving Simulator; the Osella can be used in the Singtel sim' but you will need to copy over the tires as well for it to work.
  • [uPDATED] Singtel Ultimate Race; you can use a Panasonic Toyota livery by overwriting skin.png with the PSD file (of the same name) located in the cars\f1\texture folder*.
  • netKar PRO v1.0.3; you can use add-on tracks in demo mode (unlike in v.1.1 no.gif).
  • netKar PRO v1.1.0 beta step 1/3; Aosta works with this version.
  • netKar PRO v1.1.0 beta step 2/3; the 500 Abarth arrives (fairly obvious I know but the question has been asked before).
  • netKar PRO v1.1.0 Special Abarth Edition; replace the \ntres\languages\italiano file with the english from your beta installation, which will translate most menu buttons, apart from a lot of those in the garage although pit crew messages etc will be translated.

* I only remembered this the other night (whilst lying in bed**).

** No, I don't have a girlfriendtristi01.gif.

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