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[F1CH] 1966 cars presentation - Work is 100% done

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The 1966 cars presentation

Work is 100% done.



Paul Skingley

-\\Original GPL 1966 mod\\-

Charles Mark ( CJM )

Paul Skingley

Richard Cooke

Nigel Pattinson

Marco Medici ( Irridux )

Remy Roesz ( remy67 )

Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )

David Wright ( Lo67 )

Arturo Pereira

Doug Hardy ( Do0g )

Sam Dobie


Pascal Celton


Jeroen Goedhart

Marc Ostermann

Luc Van Gossum


-Cars converter - Alsexander Samoylov (SamAlex)

-CREW - cocpit's bottom and driver's body.

-Me_slayer10 - thanks for some important instructions and help.

-AndreyDriver - thanks for some instructions and ideas.

-Victor Sidorenko - thanks for new mirrors and for really huge help with modelling.

-Aerogi's Motorsport Pictures Forum - thanks to its community for help

-Thanks to all other guys who could help this work (Don't blame me if I didn't include your name into the credits, just let me know about it)

-\\New txtures\\- (please really sorry if I forgot about someone)




Pascal Celton


Tommie van Ostade ( TvO )

regards, Alexander Samoylov (SamAlex) f1c@rambler.ru

screenshots da qui http://forum.racesimcentral.com/showpost.php?p=3990825&postcount=2


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