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[PS3] Gran Turismo 5

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Piccola domanda, ma ci saranno mai le conversioni da auto standard a premium?

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  • -Rad Bull X1 2011
  • -Dodge Challenger SRT8 Touring Car
  • -Honda CR-Z Touring Car
  • -Mazda Roadster Touring Car
  • -Mazda RX-7 Touring Car
  • -Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Touring Car
  • -Nissan GT-R R35 Touring Car
  • -Nissan SKYLINE GT-R R33 Touring Car
  • -Nissan SKYLINE GT-R R32 Touring Car
  • -Nissan SKYLINE GT-R R34 Touring Car
  • -Subaru IMPREZA Touring Car
  • -Toyota PRIUS Touring Car
  • -Gran Turismo RACING KART Jr.
  • -Gran Turismo RACING KART 100
  • -Gran Turismo RACING KART 125

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Rinviato per motivi misteriosi negli Stati Uniti, il primo e tanto atteso DLC per Gran Turismo 5 arriva oggi sul PlayStation Store europeo: i vari contenuti sono raccolti in un unico pacchetto da 11,99 Euro, mentre gli utenti Plus possono acquistarlo scontato a 8,99 Euro per un mese. Le novità riguardano 12 vetture, in gran parte giapponesi, e 3 kart ma sopratutto 2 nuovi tracciati di cui fa parte lo storico circuito di Spa (che supporta il meteo variabile). Nei DLC troviamo anche nuovi caschi per il nostro avatar e una collezione di vernici speciali.





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This is a notice regarding the Gran Turismo 5 DLC, for those who have multiple accounts on the PlayStation®Network. The DLC released on October 18th is tied to the Account ID used to purchase the DLC. It is not possible to use the DLC with accounts other than the one that was used to make the actual purchase. Therefore please make sure to purchase the DLC with the account that is used to play Gran Turismo 5.

Kazunori Yamauchi has also responded to complaints via Twitter, offering the following explanation:

Resolving the problem with using the DLC on multiple accounts, is not simple.
t would be best if we could attribute the entitlement to use the DLC items to multiple accounts in the same PS3, but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup, and we can only assign the entitlements per User ID. There just isn’t a good solution for this I can think of. The entitlement to these non-onetime DLC’s can’t be attributed to the PS3 console.

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