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GTR2GT mod for GTR Evolution

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GTR2GT mod for GTR Evolution - ReadMe




- direct conversion to GTR Evolution - using GTR2 material properties

- original GTR2 physics (working hard on new GTR Evo version if needed)

- all GT2003 and GT2004 cars

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Ferrari 575 GTC

Chevrolet Corvette C5R

Chrysler Viper GTS-R

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lister Storm

Maserati MC12

Porsche 993 GT2

Saleen S7R

- FULL working wipers on all cars

- offline and online stability

- FP driver hands in cockpit (original GTR2)

- full working MoTeCs, some improvements ...

- new Class and Models ID

- etc.



1) Decompress to ...\steamapps\*YOURPROFILE*\Race 07

2) if you want run your dedicated server please decompress to

...\steamapps\*YOURPROFILE*\Race 07ds

3) look for GTR2GT icon in GTR Evolution game

4) EnJoy :-)



- SimBin & Blimey!Games for creating great games GTR, GTR2, GTL, Race, Race07, GTR Evo, STCC, ...

- JRAID - for many help and consultations

- DHAMAN - for creating tool used for placing wipers on right place

- all test drivers from www.gtcup.com

Links for download:



GTR2 sounds for GTR2GT&GTR2NGT mods





3) Patch 1.01



Upgrade GTR2GT mod to 1.01 version

- all menu icons added

- car info engine N/A fixed

- all configuration files decrypted

- icreased FFB strength in HDC files

- ActionCam added (Default Cams for Lamborghini - prevent crash to desktop)

- Viper cockpit low textures - fixed

- Viper bad brakelights material - fixed

- bad expo floor on some computers - fixed

Download "all in one"

download versione 1.0 + patch 1.01 + icons (necessari SOUND)



download part 1-2-3 + SOUND + ICONS (necessaria patch 1.01)

link-> http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=ZZP492DK (395,7MB)

Edited by Alessandro Pollini

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Guest mutatore

ottimo!! era atteso questo mod!

peccato che al momento i link non funzionano in quanto il sito e' giu....ma basta attendere :fischia:

Edited by mutatore

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Guest turiq70

Ma davanti ai siti non ci dovrebbe andare http://? Tanto mi dice pagina non trovata. Da rapid... si pu

Edited by turiq70

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Guest mutatore

chiedo scusa....ha chiuso il file ad 83 mb.........qualche errore con il download manager.

niente...file corrotto.....lo riscarico.

Edited by mutatore

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Guest mutatore

ben fatto!

non so' se e' un mio problema, ma la telecamera da abitacolo centrale, vive di vita propria.....impossibile da usare.

qualche scatto specialmente a monza con qualsiasi macchina , cosa che non accade con nessuna vettura di gtr evo o altri addon.

ho abbassato un po' i livelli ( normalmente uso tutto la massimo e risoluzione 1980*1200 ) ma la cosa non e' cambiata.

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