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Formula 1 1988 by carrera4

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Hi all

Since release of V0.9 I worked almost on the missing teams and physics.

After release of V1.0 the work still continues because there is everytime some space

for improvements.

changements since V0.9:

- all 31 cars (18 Teams) are included, so you need to set opponents:30 to have

a full grid.

- physics are revised a bit: downforce reduced 25% , gearboxes are not more semiautomatic

and a few more things.Old setups dont work anymore.

- new sounds from Montesky that have done a fantastic job.

- little graphic improvements like helmet size etc.

- new pace-car Porsche 959

Credits: Big Thanks to Montesky that have done the complete soundpack.

I release also a trackpack with 7 tracks. Nothing new, included are all my tracks I created in the past. They are renamed to V1.1 with some bug-fixing and they are all in 1 directory now.

The work continues on the tracks and my target is to have in the future all tracks for this season.




part 1 http://www.drivingit...s&showfile=1056

part 2 http://www.drivingit...s&showfile=1055

Patch 1.01 resolve the problem with blocking tyres when downshifting, you must set autoclutch.

mirror 1: http://www.drivingit...s&showfile=1054



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Speriamo bene dai

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Mah.. a me onestamente non sembra fatto benissimo.. Speriamo nella fisica..

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a me i modelli piacciono, spero nella presenza di tutti i team del 1988 visto che con rfactor non c'

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Non mi sembra affatto male a me, dai dai buttate fuori sto mod che mi sta attizzando troppo, speriamo che sia valido nella fisica e tutto il resto!!!!

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