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il netKar Pro rank è down, sito e tool non funzionano più.

è possibile buttare un occhio a quello che resta a questo indirizzo:



post originale:

Come facilmente intuibile, l'annuncio di alcuni giorni fa in proposito di una novità per il Pro era proprio relativo ad un sistema di ranking. Qui sotto vi riporto direttamente le parole di Jaap.


As promised, here is the announcement of what is coming for netKar PRO. Before Christmas, a brand-new system will go live: the netKar PRO Rank!

What is it?

Simply said: the netKar PRO Rank system collects information from all online netKar PRO servers. This results in one system containing the fastest laps from all netKar PRO drivers. It provides a track record overview and a ranking system.

This is your chance to finally compare yourself with the best and fastest drivers in the netKar PRO community. See where you are losing time, try to climb up the ranking and make it into the top 25, top 10, the top 5 or maybe get the world Track Record!

You will experience how it feels to be pushed further and further as you improve your times lap after lap. You will be driving fast, checking the Rank and see that with just a another small improvement you will move up another few places. A big goal is to reach orange or green times. A green time means that you broke the Benchmark for that track. The Benchmark is always half a second above the track record. Will you be able to achieve orange or even green times?

The netKar PRO Rank system consists of two parts:

  1. tool
  2. site.

The tool is installed on computers running the nKPro server (drivers just racing on server don't have to install anything!). The tool collects the things happening on the server and reports this to the site, where all the information is processed and presented.

1. The tool

The tool is more than just a tool which reports laptimes to the Rank site. It also comes with a few interesting features which solve a few bugs in netKar PRO.

One of the problems in netKar PRO is that the dedicated server application crashes sometimes when drivers exit. The Rank tool automatically restarts the dedicated server application when a crash occurs. Another nKP issue is that servers disappear from the multiplayer lobby after a while. The Rank tool therefore is equipped with the option to auto-restart the server after a specified amount of days, thereby keeping it visible on the lobby.

2. The site

The Rank site contains lap records, but also rankings. As soon as a driver completes laptimes on all tracks (with one of the cars), that driver receives a rank time for that car. The ranktime is the combination of all track laptimes for that driver.

Who is the fastest on each track? Who is the fastest in each car? We can find it out now!

Extra features

Besides storing laptimes, splits and ranktimes, the system also contains a number of other features:


The site keeps full history of driver laptime and rank improvements, a history of lap records for each track and gives driver hints at how to improve.

Online servers & online drives

The site includes an overview of the currently online servers. So you don't need to go in nKPro to see which servers are running.

On top of it, the system also shows the amount of drivers on each server and also shows who are on the server. So, you can see who of your friends are currently driving on what server and join them to kick some ass :)

Chat system

The site also includes a chat system, which allows meeting up in the Lobby to see if anyone fancies a race somewhere. A perfect place to go when you have a few minutes time in the evening to have some racing fun online.


If you are into RSS feeds, you can subscribe to the netKar PRO Rank feed and be informed when someone improves the track record at any track, without having to visit the site.

So, what do I have to do?

When you are only driving on servers (and never host a race), you have to do nothing. Just connect to a server which is displayed in the online servers overview and your times will be stored in the Rank system! It is all automatic. No upload or registration required. It is as easy as it gets :)

When you are hosting races, you need to download and install the Rank tool (which means putting the tool in the root folder of netar PRO). Just configure your server settings, start the Rank tool and press the 'Start' button. That's all!

So, when can I start?

The system is still in testing phase, but you can already join the Rank by joining any of the servers in the online servers page.

The Rank tool will be released on December 24th, just before Christmas. After, that everyone can starting hosting sessions! But, from now on you can start getting those times on the Rank system!

What are you waiting for? Check out the site and get going :)

PS: hope you like this idea... I hope it will attract people to the online servers so we really can get some critical mass. See you online!

If you have any problem, question, remark or anything else related to the Rank system, write it to me on the About page on the Rank site.

A version upgrade has been processed on the site last night (1.0.0 -> 1.0.1).

Some improvements: the log records now contain direct links to drivers, track records and rank. The driver page now include several nice rank statistics and some bug have been fixed (especially with regard to single quotes in driver names & GUIDs).

Keep those requests, bug reports and testimonials (if you like the Rank of course ;)) coming.

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  • 2 weeks later...

domandina... volevo usare il rank ma, a parte che non ho capito cosa devo configurare nel menu dell'host, volevo capire dove trovare l'ip da inseriree nel netkarprorank.exe....

EDIT: era il firewall che bloccava tutto! pirla... cmq una volta che premo start e lui si connette che devo fare?! fa tutto lui e hosta i tempi in automatico, no?!

EDIT 2: boh, non riesco a capire... i lfirewall

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ok, era il firewall... e ho capito che prende i tempi solo quando giri online, mentre pensavo che prendesse il best lap e lo mettesse in classifica... per ora ho il miglior tempo a newbury con la 1800! :!!: tempo qualche giorno e me lo sfasciano, per

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  • 2 weeks later...

ho visto stamattina che si sono aggiunte nel rank crema e monaco e spa in un altro layout!... che sia lo volta di crema in multi?! no sapete se bisgona riscaricare le piste o tiene buone quelle, vero?!

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ho visto stamattina che si sono aggiunte nel rank crema e monaco e spa in un altro layout!... che sia lo volta di crema in multi?! no sapete se bisgona riscaricare le piste o tiene buone quelle, vero?!

per crema basta che hosti con una sola persona...giri e ti fai il tuo tempo

per monaco nochicane, questo layout e' gia presente

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