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Grand Prix 1979 V2.01 by Grand Prix Classics

Guest nicodrake

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Guest nicodrake

**IMPORTANT** If you have either v1.0 or v1.1 installed, it´s recommended to get rid of it first before installing v2.0. To prevent any eventual problem,
it is important to delete the following folders and files:


//// WHAT`S NEW IN V2.0:

-- Introduces the LEAGUE EDITION, along with the previous HISTORICAL and UNRESTRICTED versions of the mod. The LEAGUE EDITION
aims to provide better functionality for leagues, having every car model working independently within each team bracket,
so that is no longer necessary to go through the upgrade and skins menus to pick a different chassis. The LEAGUE EDITION also
allows for more variety in offline races, as the AI can run all the models and their variations in any given race.

-- Several small graphical fixes and refinements;

-- Optimized LODs for better FPS (thanks to TRELLET.NET);

-- Improved collision body and feelers to include wheels and wings (thanks to TRELLET.NET);

-- Fixed spinner bugs (thanks to Allitnil);

-- Fittipaldi F5A made available;

-- Updated Arrows A2 cockpit;

-- Fixed Renault mirrors;

-- New pace car (78 porsche 911);

-- Extensively revamped tyre physics;

-- New individual suspension models for each chassis;

-- Adjusted aero for more realistic behavior;

-- Adjusted engines heating, cooling and wear;

-- Adjusted brake properties;

-- Extensive callibration to AI behavior.


In light of rfactor´s continuous unresolved gear shifting issues, we´ve decided to partially reintroduce the shifter upgrade
with lower delays for the gated option. The chosen compromise is: HISTORICAL, being the recommended option for offline play,
has the shifter ugprade with lower delays for gated shifting; same for the LEAGUE EDITION, taking into consideration the
possibility for league admins to police its suitable use among its members via replay; UNRESTRICTED remains with standard
shifting delays for both options, allowing an alternative to keep a level playing field in open servers and leagues that
prefer to have it that way.

Whilst certainly others would prefer to have a different compromise or even not compromise it at all, we ask everyone to
understand that until this limitation with Rfactor is resolved, the best we can do is to provide something for everyone,
instead of everything for someone.

//// NOTES:

In light of the physics developments, old setups will no longer work.

If running a championship season using HISTORICAL, make sure to come back to the menu screen after each round, otherwise
Rfactor will load the same models from the previous race (the ferrari won´t upgrade from the T3 to the T4 in between
Interlagos and Kyalami for example).

Grand Prix 1979 2.0 Install (Cars);showfile=468

Grand Prix 1979 2.0 Install (Track Pack);showfile=469

PATCH v2.01
This update cause online mismatches with older versions, and it is not compatible with seasons started with previous versions, so if this is your case, finish the season before apply the update. There is a small batch file dropped in the game folder by the installer called clean.bat, if it hurt it can be removed manually at the end of installation.

changed the name of the league_ed rfm because its name was too long, causing errors and mismatches.
changed the track names inside the rfm for all versions.
fixed a problem with helmets in the league_ed.
fixed a problem with sounds when all cars/all tracks is used with all versions.
fixed Fittipaldi problems with all versions
changed the Hockenheim track
fixed a bug at Dijon aiw
fixed a bug on Silverstone track aiw
fixed a minor gfx bug at Monza

download mirrors:

Edited by nicodrake
patch 2.01
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Guest maxxmoto
Ecco anche il trackpack!


E' possibile postare il file .torrent direttamente? La registrazione sul sito va per le lunghe.... non mi arriva la email.


PS: ok, trovato direttamente da rfactorCentral

Edited by maxxmoto
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