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Nuove piste extra per RACE 07 - GTR Evolution

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Raceking Nordschleife 0.91 for Race07

Based on version 0.9 for GTR2, with full permission from Raceking. (There will probably be a backport to GTR2, permission from Raceking pending)

Changes in Version 0.91:

* added shortcut back to the GP track. Cross the s/f line to start the clock

* fixed lots of material naming issues

* fixed numerous issues in the .trk file

* added maximum rumble effects to Karussell and Schwalbenschwanz

* fixed some AIW issues by Greybrad

* made start- and pitlights work


* lots of clipping issues with distant objects

* loading screens (volunteers welcome!)

* shoo away crowds at Testday and Practice

* rain reflections

* night lighting (GTR2 only)

* animated track marshalls

* some black areas with Nvidia 8800 graphics cards

* AI going off track at NGK chicane

* merge glow into start- and pitlights objects

* check all shadowcasters

* check all materials. x-ref to specialfx.tec

* check AIW corridors


* this is a public beta version. Please report anything unusual that is not listed under TO DO.

* If reporting frame rate issues, please add information about: GPU, LOD (percent), shadow settings, location on track

* Next update to be scheduled for 2007/12/9

Download Part 1 http://rapidshare.com/files/73875029/Race0..._Part1.zip.html

Download Part 2 http://rapidshare.com/files/73879011/Race0..._Part2.zip.html

Mirror (thanks to Montoya)

Download Part 1 http://www.virtualr.net/downloads/Race07_N..._0.91_Part1.zip

Download Part 2 http://www.virtualr.net/downloads/Race07_N..._0.91_Part2.zip

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per cortesia, qualcuno sa dove trovare A1 Ring...


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inserite nel primo post:


Raceking Nordschleife

Laguna Seca



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