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Nuove piste extra per RACE 07 - GTR Evolution

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Fuji v1.3 http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=7091

Version 1.3:

-added 5% less grip on painted tarmac, tarmac run-off areas and road verges

-added braking zone washboard effect at turns 1 & 10

-changed folder name to be in sync with GTR2 version.

**** IMPORTANT: *****

If you are upgrading from an older version, delete the folder


prior to this installation.

Changes in Version 1.2:

-fixed horizon. still has some minor issues though (see Known issues)

-professional loading screens by simracer

-track marshall animations by Mc Wolf

-improved both dry and wet AI racing line by Greybrad

-corrected pit/garage positions by Greybrad

-changed Track- and VenueName to avoid potential conflict with GTI-Heizer's version (Thanks morning_wood for reporting)

-Added version number to Track- and VenueName to avoid online mismatches

-Slightly changed AIW wp_path at turns 3 & 10 to prevent short cutting (thanks ZeZeZoom for reporting)

-moved time trial starting point back to turn 16

Note: version number 1.1 has been omitted to keep the numbering scheme in sync with GTR2

Features of the RACE07 1.0 version:

-lots of shadow casters

-rain reflections

-Visgroups for Low and Medium detail settings

Known issues:

-video footage on the big TV screens at race day can only be seen by de-crypting the .plr file and setting

Play Movies="1"

-daylight sky might turn black if LOD setting is below 70%.

Delete the or rename the following files to resolve the issue:




-no fog at daytime, no night litghting (both not supported by Race07)

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