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Simracing Academy: il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris Vasilakos

Il mitico Aris ci parlerà naturalmente di dinamica del veicolo, non farà mancare i suoi consigli e risponderà alle domande degli allievi. Difficile cominciare meglio la nostra Academy!
Il 29 Ottobre si parte con Aris

Parte 2 Simracing Academy: traiettoria ed uso della pista

Per risultare efficienti ed efficaci in pista è necessario comprendere che la guida in circuito è differente da quella a cui siamo abituati. La prima differenza che salta subito all’occhio? Scopriamolo con la seconda parte della Simracing Academy. Iscriviti alle lezioni pratiche che partono il 29 Ottobre!
Parte 2 Simracing Academy

Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo ed iscrizioni aperte

Aspiranti simdrivers, benvenuti nella prima parte della Simracing Academy, la scuola per comprendere i concetti fondamentali per progredire dal livello di principianti a quello di esperti della guida simulata. L'Academy è utile anche ai piloti con una certa esperienza, per approfondire ed effettuare test pratici
Parte 1 Simracing Academy: dinamica veicolo

[Track]: Monaco for netKar PRO released!

Jaap Wagenvoort

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Jaap Wagenvoort

The second add-on track for netKar PRO has been released. Arguably the biggest challenge or at least the most famous venue of the world: racing through the armco streets of Monte Carlo!

Monaco and netKar PRO are a perfect match. Do not expect in this simulation to be able to use the armco to your advantage. Maybe you survive a very small touch of your rear wheel with the armco, but it could also immediately be the end of your stint.

A very realistic mix of both respect and fear for the armco is what you will get from racing in netKar PRO through Monaco. A feeling you never felt before in any simulation.

All famous Monaco corners are included: St. Devote, Casino, Mirabeau, Loews, Chicane, Tabac, Rascasse... and the armco is close in all of them! No mistake allowed!

As additional feature, Monaco comes in two configurations. The default Full GP configuration and a special configuration where the chicane has been removed. This means you will travel at full throttle through the chicane - just like in the good old days of Formula One!

Monte Carlo will not be the track where you will hit top speeds around in netKar PRO. However, this often called 'impossible track' will challenge your concentration and test and improve your skill to the maximum.

As soon as you mastered the track, go out online and experience how amazingly great and challenging it is to drive online on this track with 15 cars in netKar PRO. A bigger challenge is hardly imaginable. Winning a race in FullMode in netKar PRO on Monaco will be as rewarding as never before in simracing.

Wait no longer. Download the track, read the instructions in the .rar file and start racing. The release of Silverstone for netKar PRO marked the first step into enhancing this incredible car racing simulation. Monaco is the second step and brings another classic track to netKar PRO.

I hope you will enjoy this track in this simulation. Besides, I hope and ask you to all join and create netKar PRO servers in order to boost the online racing that this magnificient racing simulation deserves.









GPChampionship.com Download Section

If you want to enjoy netKar PRO online, check out the GPChampionship.com site - the worlds premier professional netKar PRO championship organiser.

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