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Slowdown problems on some tracks

Guest martin buchan

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Guest martin buchan

Hi. I have been playing netkar online for a few moinths now and have been having great fun racing friends and colleages but I have been having slowdown problems on certain tracks.

On Laguna Seca I have had horrific slowdown on the back section leading up to the corkscrew and at Limerock park I am experiencing the same slowdown problem and almost as worse at the 6th corner just before the hill with the little bump in it.

Is the problem my PC or the server?

If it is the PC. What should I do to cure this problem?

PLEASE HELP ME! help.gif

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Guest mickyknox

Make sure you have the latest graphics card driver installed, they're the cause of nearly all graphical issues in nK that i hear about.

Other than that theres not much I can think of. It's not just graphically intensive bit of the circuits is it? (thinking the corkscrew will probably be relatively high poly compared to elsewhere on the circuit, but then you say leading up to it, not the corkscrew itself. hmmm confused1.gif )

Hope you get it sorted,

Simon. smile.gif

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Guest neuzd

You can increase performance of your machine decreasing the size of the textures.

It's a common practice, if you surf you will see that there are low detail versions of some of the tracks.

So, you will surely get some fps with this operation.

Get in the texture folder of the track you want, make a BACKUP of any tga you intend to modify.

Use a graphic program (photoshop/psp etc.) to

-load the texture (you can do this just with the big ones, don't mind about road signals or anything like that)

-decrease the size (you can do this as you wish, nK use the texture to wrap the entire object, it doesn't matter the res of the texture itself)

-save the texture

-enjoy high speed racing

Ok, it is very simple, i hope I've been clear enough...and i hope it resolves your problem.


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