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Ginetta GT4 & Supercup 2017 v1.6

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Ginetta GT4 2017

I present the Ginetta GT4 2017 version. This is not to be compared to the Supercup version.
The difference is as follows:
It is heavier,
Lower rear wing
50bhp more and more Torgue
Full GT lights, pits and racing
Hard Tyres Only

With help of @Ross Macfarlane I have tried to match BOP with the Porsche and Maserati as close as possible. In real life ( FIA or MSA) the BOP changes on every track for the Ginetta, so I did ask you all and you said what you wanted, so hopefully we have done that.
This is a new fresh install.

Ginetta Supercup 2017

After months of information gathering as you will see, but we are pleased to share this with you. There have been so many changes, that I will only list a few below. We have also changed the name, so that people that enjoy the V8.2 can also run this version. I would just like to add, this is nothing like the original version.
NB. The original version, not just my opinion drove on rails and this one doesn’t. You need to get to learn the handling. Please I cannot stress this enough.
This version includes a LHD and RHD, and both can be used against each other at the same time in Single Player or Multi Player. With the older version being so popular, we didn’t want to scrap the LHD so we included both. Both tested with VR.

Some of the Key Changes / Additions:
Total new cockpit/Wheel and realistic Dashboard, photo graphed from inside of the actual car.
New Tyres and Aero
Realistic Gearing and Final Drive – Information from Ginetta Team
ALL Liveries from the Ginetta Michelin Supercup 2017, all haven been draw to detail.
New Number Template – You can now add your number to the Windscreen.U
Updated Model to 2017 Specs.
You can use your liveries from previous Version

What's New in Version v1.6


Ginetta SuperCup 2017 V1.6

Few new textures
New Aerodynamics
Updated Collider
Updated steering Radio
Updated power ( that was my mistake)
Updated Brakes
added/improved options in setup
Updated Camber in setup
Weight changed
Ride height improved
Jac Constable 2018 Livery
new preview pictures

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