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GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v14

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About This File

GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v14.0 by GTR233 and friends

ULTRA VERY IMPORTANT : READ "GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH_install.txt" and follow EXACTLY the steps if you have never installed GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH...otherwise you will cry and post in forums "GTR2 CRASHED PLEASE HELP!" or "CARS ARE GREY PLEASE HELP!"... so PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY INFORMATIONS AND OPTIONS, IT IS QUITE COMPLEX FOR NEWBIES.

This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v19.00 so you need at least v19.00 to extract archive without errors (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) : https://www.7-zip.org (I recommend to NOT download ALPHA versions, leave them to devs)
Archive size = 496 Mo
Archive MD5 hash = c53a652042fa95d1239fbe7c271c11c1

SPECIAL THANKS to all people who worked for Blimey! Games & SimBin Sweden : David Wright, DucFreak, Doug Arnao, Mark Reynolds, Eric Boosman... and the big bosses Henrik Roos & Ian Bell for having made such legendary sims !

Description :
Developped on Dell Inspiron 531 Athlon64x2 5600+ (dual core 2.8GHz) with nvidia 9800GT 512Mo (8800/9800GT were the high end nvidia card when GTR2 was released so I do not recommend this mod with poor Intel integrated graphics but it will work great with last AMD APU 3200G-Vega8 and above as tested by my friend DurgeDriven).
This GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH represents 5 years of work (nearly 10 000 FILES!!!) and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 plus tons of HQ textures. There are 2 games in 1, first the default 2003-2004 game with stock cars and tracks which get only few textures updates, second the HQ Cars&Tracks (with "HQ" prefix in menu) which get ALL the fixes/patches, more HQ textures plus exclusive graphics (both 2D/3D) : indeed, my will is to keep original game untouched to avoid online mismatch on internet and to see all the work done so far in this HQ Anniversary Patch when you compare both.

What's New in Version v9.0   See changelog


- updated GTR2 HDR Skies to v5.0 : now based on Hudson and KesslerB skies with permission (thanks to Hudson & Kessler for kind permission)
- updated "GTR2 HQ-RP CARS & TRACKS" to v9.0 : 3 physics available now with stock, HQ and Reborn Project (thanks to Barry)
- updated GTR2 HQ HEADLIGHTS to v6.0 : reworked cone light and reduced AI light power
- updated GTR2 HQ LENS FLARE to v9.1 : reintroduced old rainbow style
- updated GTR2 HQ RAIN to v11.0 : reworked raindrop, rainspray, reflectnoise & dryingline
- updated GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES to v11.0 : removed HQ steering wheels (standalone mod now), reworked murcielago 03036 skin and mask, reworked F360/996 dash and 03057/03067/04068 skins
- updated HQ CUBE MAPS to v3.0 : added more skies and more contrast (thanks to DucFreak for advices)
- updated HQ FOV DEFVIEWS to v6.0 : recalculated FOV settings (thanks to syhlif32 for advices)
- updated HQ MOON & SUN to v6.0 : reduced size a little bit, added more transparency to SUN
- updated HQ SPARK to v6.0 : reworked colors a little bit
- updated DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD 10th Anniversary Edition to v2.0 : added Luzperfecta's advanced FFB settings
- added GTR2 HQ-RP AI v3.0 : 3 AI available now with stock, HQ and Reborn Project (thanks to Barry)
- added GTR2 manual (thanks to Redi)

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