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GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v10

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About This File

GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH by GTR233 and friends

Description :
This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH represents 3 years of work and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 plus HQ textures :
- OFFICIAL SIMBIN update v1.1
- MS Dx9/dll last updates from 2010 packages to improve GTR2 compatibility with new OS
- no-cd by Reloaded with 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli (works whatever amount of RAM, this patch allows to use more than default 1.8GB RAM)
- GTR2 New Gfx v1.60 by Syhlif32 (patch for Dx9 shaders, see included txt readme)
--> DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD 10th Anniversary v6.1 : nicer 16/9 UI with triple screen support in English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish)
--> GTR2 HDR Skies v7.0 : nice 6e66o & Hudson Kerr skies reworked with HDR, and HQ MOON
--> GTR2 HQ AI v4.1 : better AI Talents
--> GTR2 HQ BRAKES v1.1 : nicer brake disc/caliper/discglow skins
--> GTR2 HQ Cars&Tracks v9.8 : better cars & tracks physics/graphics with advanced patches/fixes (*)
--> GTR2 HQ CARS SOUNDS v1.1 : added brake (Jandri)/skid (Fred_as)/horn/external tranny sounds & fixed overlapping sound issue when needed
--> GTR2 HQ HEADLIGHTS v6.0 : better headlights (LASER WHITE+YELLOW) patched to avoid halo glitch
--> GTR2 HQ HUD 10th Anniversary v6.0 : new head-up-display skin available in 9 languages (mk2)
--> GTR2 HQ LENS FLARE v9.1 : better sun effects (max effects around 5-6pm)
--> GTR2 HQ MARBLES v1.0 : now you will really see marbles on track side
--> GTR2 HQ MASERATI 4200GT SAFETY CAR v5.0 : more detailed safety car skin (2003)
--> GTR2 HQ PIT & START LIGHTS v3.0 : better start lights (F1 style)
--> GTR2 HQ RAIN v12.0 : nicer rain effects
--> GTR2 HQ SCREEN DIRT v8.0 : more detailed dirt effect with smooth transitions (VERY DIRTY)
--> GTR2 HQ SPARCO SUITS 2018 v1.1 : nicer racing suits/gloves/shoes for driver/pit crew/marshalls
--> GTR2 HQ TREAD v3.0 : better tire tread (WITH GRAVELS)
--> GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES v15.0 : patches for several glitches that official patch v1.1 did not fix (**)
--> GTR2 UIAssets Patch v1.0 : removed FNTCMOTM.BMP to allow skinned LCD
--> HQ AMBIENT SHADOW v3.0 : better second shadow under cars (LARGE version)
--> HQ BACKFIRE v3.0 : better flames on exhaust (RED-BLUE version)
--> HQ CUBE MAPS v4.1 : better car/track reflections (HIGH REFLECTIONS [GTR2])
--> HQ FOV DEFVIEWS v7.0 : higher speed effect, no more in car headlight flickering at night (16/9)
--> HQ MIRROR v1.0 : higher rear view resolution (1024)
--> HQ SMOKES v5.0 : better dust & smokes effects
--> HQ SPARK v7.0 : better sparks effects (SPARK & STARS version)
This GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch is a basis then you can fine tune options with GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION : https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/gtr2-hq-mods-collection.152457/

Disk space requirement : 1.44 Go

ATTENTION: GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH will overwrite stock files so make a backup first or make a second GTR2 install (recommended) on your hard disk (see install process below)

No online mismatch (*) : This mod does not overwrite stock game which is still available, so you need to select any HQ car + HQ track.

What's New in Version v9.0   See changelog


- updated GTR2 HDR Skies to v5.0 : now based on Hudson and KesslerB skies with permission (thanks to Hudson & Kessler for kind permission)
- updated "GTR2 HQ-RP CARS & TRACKS" to v9.0 : 3 physics available now with stock, HQ and Reborn Project (thanks to Barry)
- updated GTR2 HQ HEADLIGHTS to v6.0 : reworked cone light and reduced AI light power
- updated GTR2 HQ LENS FLARE to v9.1 : reintroduced old rainbow style
- updated GTR2 HQ RAIN to v11.0 : reworked raindrop, rainspray, reflectnoise & dryingline
- updated GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES to v11.0 : removed HQ steering wheels (standalone mod now), reworked murcielago 03036 skin and mask, reworked F360/996 dash and 03057/03067/04068 skins
- updated HQ CUBE MAPS to v3.0 : added more skies and more contrast (thanks to DucFreak for advices)
- updated HQ FOV DEFVIEWS to v6.0 : recalculated FOV settings (thanks to syhlif32 for advices)
- updated HQ MOON & SUN to v6.0 : reduced size a little bit, added more transparency to SUN
- updated HQ SPARK to v6.0 : reworked colors a little bit
- updated DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD 10th Anniversary Edition to v2.0 : added Luzperfecta's advanced FFB settings
- added GTR2 HQ-RP AI v3.0 : 3 AI available now with stock, HQ and Reborn Project (thanks to Barry)
- added GTR2 manual (thanks to Redi)

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