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GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v9.5

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About This File

GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v9.3 by GTR233 and friends
This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v17.01 (update your archiver if it tells you that archive is damaged)
Archive size = 216 Mo
Archive md5 checksum = 0DA073F8F06222E0BDBEF20F9A8A469E

Description :
This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH represents 2 years of work and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 (no options here except language for French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish) :
- OFFICIAL SIMBIN update v1.1
- GTR2 New Gfx v1.6 by syhlif32 (patch for Dx9 shaders, see included txt readme)
- GTR2 UI MOD by DucFreak (16/9 - 10th Anniversary, see included pdf readme)
- MS Dx9 last update from 2010 package
- no-cd by Reloaded with 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli : GTR2 is more than 10 years old now and keep on using this old precious DVD of GTR2 in the DVD tray may possibly get it scratched/damaged. Moreover, it is been more than 10 years now that this no-cd is available at nogrip so I suppose that SIMBIN tolerates its usage. So for both reasons, I decided to include it in order to make a full single patch with 4GB RAM enabled.

This GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch is a basis then you can fine tune options with GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION available here : http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=43930

PnG3 note : as many patches are dedicated to stock GTR2 cars, I do not recommend to install this GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch over PnG install, especially if you have chosen "slim down existing install". For PnG3 install I recommend my GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION : you can selectively install PnG compatible mods/patches whether you have kept GTR2 stock cars or not.
Disk space requirement : 1 Go
No online mismatch

What's New in Version v9.5   See changelog


- updated legal screen to v1.1.9.5
- added HQ MIRROR v1.0 : increased resolution up to 1024 (thanks to DurgeDriven for advice)
- updated GTR2 HQ Cars&Tracks to v9.5 : updated HQ tracks fog, increased seat position range (you need to map the keys in controls menu to adjust seat up/down/forward/backward), Gillet & Saleen hood fixes by Zipdrive, updated HQ tires (thanks to syhlif32 for advices)
- updated GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES to v14.0
- updated GTR2 HQ SCREEN DIRT to v7.0 : medium version (for GTR2 cars only), removed DDS from GameData\Teams directory

- updated GTR2 HQ Cars&Tracks to v9.4 : reduced ViperCC disks size, increased HQ tracks bumps (thanks to Shovas for advice), fixed F575 steering wheel style1 (thanks to Zipdrive for info)
- updated GTR2 HQ BRAKES to v1.1 : optimized textures size
- updated GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES to v13.0 : optimized textures size, now includes HQ SCREEN DIRT (default dirty version) in car teams folders to avoid material conflicts with 3rd party mods which do not use GTR2 default windows (black windows bug)
IMPORTANT: delete any SCREEN_DIRT00.dds...SCREEN_DIRT05.dds from GameData\Teams folder to fix black windows bug with 3rd party mods which do not use GTR2 default windows.
- updated GTR2 HDR Skies to v5.1 : reduced moon size a little bit and added more transparency (thanks to shovas for advice)
- updated legal screen to v1.1.9.4

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