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Goodwood Motor Circuit mod is created using LiDAR data. No guesswork involved.
When I found LiDAR data of Chichester (thanks to our forum community), I have decided that existing old Goodwood circuit mod can go to pension. I feel like my version is significantly better already. Take Goodwood Revival or Members Meeting spirit some pre 70s cars and have fun.

What is LiDAR ?

Don't be surprised that track is rather bumpy, it has many undulations, it is far from flat. Most cars feels very good, however few cars might feel not perfectly suited for this type of track and those are the ones which never raced in Goodwood.
Fake Wet layout is included for wet track placebo, don't be surprised that it is so slippery, 1"50 is a fast laptime at Goodwood when it is wet. Use alternative lines to get more grip, optimum lines has less grip. Pretty much first time in simracing when you'll have to search for grip in circuit :)

What's New in Version v0.8


- Improved AI. Good at pits, good at chicane, could do faster start and take T1 cleaner in some cases, but I'm rather happy about it;
- Improved version of wet track, with better damp visual, physical and visual puddles with almost no grip, SEPARATED PHYSICAL MESH to represent rubbered and polished tarmac on normal racing line, which becomes very slippery when wet - it is rewarding to look for better grip outside normal racing line. I recommend to use Optimum - Fast grip setting and 20-26C, it will be slightly faster than actual wet track IRL, but it will be slippery enough. Patience for first few laps !
- Different AI fast lane for wet layout;
- 32 slots, YOLO;
- Slightly smoothed few spots in physical mesh;
- Improved some details around the track - mesh, placement, textures, shaders;
- Added some more objects, of which some are borrowed from Kunos in this version, such as marshals, helis, scenery cars;
- Added spectators;
- Adjusted lighting, better sun position in the morning and evening;
- Fixed some flickering in replay cams;
- Removed transparency from white lines, so some people who didn't now should see them

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