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FIAGT 2005 Mod v2.63

Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Description :
2005 FiaGT Mod for GTR2 (73 cars - 11 races championship - Spa 24H single event)
DBR9 scratched made by EdOg/Exbird
DBR9 & GMT fixes by Arthur Stepanov
WSGT Trofeo mod by RMT
GTR2 stock cars with slightly modified 2005 models by LeSunTzu
HQ MODS (HQ CARS & TRACKS were used to make this mod) by GTR233
Lotus Digital Gauges mod by Zipdrive
P996 mods/fixes by Philipp
P996 RS STACK mod by @GR0
P996 RSR STACK mod by zumlee
Istanbul circuit by NeelJ (included in Tracks Pack)
Sakhir circuit by zwiss (included in Tracks Pack)
Silverstone circuit by motorfx (included in Tracks Pack) and AIW update by BillBro

Disk space requirement : 430 Mo

No stock files will be overwritten
No online mismatch

What's New in Version v2.63


- removed leftover RSR daylight headlights
- fixed Exige rear tires overheating issue (thanks to Shovas for reporting)
- fixed Brno FPS issue (thanks to Shovas for reporting)

- fixed DBR9 changing car path and folders have been moved to fix CTD (thanks to Shovas for bug reporting)
IMPORTANT: DELETE GameData\Teams\2005-FiaGT folder before installing this update !!!

- fixed Stack LCD glitch (QUALIFY/WARMUP/RACE were displayed sometimes over laptime)
- updated AI drafting
- updated car classes
- removed DAYLIGHT HEADLIGHTS for default GTR2 cars (download GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION if you want them back)
- fixed Mosler rear lights
- ATTENTION : all cars files have been moved to "2005-FiaGT" folder so delete* any previous versions before installing v2.6
*use Windows Search (white box at top of explorer window) to find "2005-FiaGT" then select all files found by windows Search to delete them


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