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F1 1975 0.961

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

F1 1975 0.961 by Postipate

Change log:
- Flexible Chassis (huge improvement to old suspension model!)
- MUCH BETTER FFB (more detailed with tire locking and losing grip)
- Cars are no more understeering
- Cars responds much better to steering
- Weight transfers more realistically (you can use brakes to transfer weight much better)
- With new suspension cars height can be lower and looks more realistic
- New engine models to all cars (Ferrari and BRM has different engines like in real life and Cosworth engine has minimal differences)
- Wings are more realistic (old wing setups had almost zero effect on speed
- Mclaren has now 6 gears (like in 1975 season)
- Cars are much better balanced to each other (races look more realistic and car behave more like in real life)
- Cars now have different mass (old cars had same mass for all cars)
- Suspension tweaked in every car
- Radiator keeps engine now cooler
- Ai is much better passing other cars (dont know why, but most likely old default setup was not good for AI)
- Minor changes to engine life time
- Tire wear reduced (tires are same, but default setup is just better for front tires)

This mod is conversion from awesome F1 1975 LE mod By ChiefWiggum and Dave Purdy
It was released only year ago and it has awesome updated cockpits and car liveries! Every rF1 and F1 fan should defenetly download it! They also have league if you are interested: http://www.simracers.de/forum/


rFactor 1 mod was originally done by CREW for F1 Challenge '99–'02, so this mod has come long journey.
Big thank you for these guys! They really have made awesome job with the mod and I can thank these guys for 1000 hours of simracing in my life. One of the biggest reasons why I'm still here :


Also big thanks to guys who converted team CREW mod to rF1 with name F1 seven 1975 IPE


Amazing mod and I got lot of inspiration from that mod with the psychics


Also thanks to ISI/Studio 397
They released BT44B from steam and are only reason why I even started whole project. Everybody can thank these guys for making possible to make car psychics so enjoyable as they are now. Lot of learned from their blog post about making cars!


Very big thank you for rF2 community. 3 months ago I had zero knowledge how to do this, but reading this forum has been very helpful. Keep up the good work, and if somebody want help with they mod, just PM me! Im happy to help and test your mods!


It has now been 2-3 months before I started this project. Have to say this has been very rewarding experience. My first goal was just to make this mod to myself (and first version was only made to myself), but after that I taught that i could make this good enough for release. Thanks for giving permission to convert it


I want to make very clear, that all appreciation, respects and "thanks you" should go to original rF1 and F1 99-02 makers!
I had the easiest part of making this mod (REALLY!). I cant believe how talented these guys are making so awesome looking/feeling mods for FREE. That really shows how good sim racing community really is. Hopefully in future we could have less fighting between each others, and be more focused on racing. Of course all negative feedback is still welcome clear.png


Also big thank you for Mauro, who spend more time testing this mod than me! Without his feedback my progress would be much slower.


How to play:
Select your car
Select 24 AI cars
Flag rules: NONE
100% damage!
Ai agression atleast 50. I use 100.
Tuning menu has option to change FFB strength! (optional)


Set AI level to match your skill.
REMEMBER! You cannot expect to win with slower cars.
Very good reading while downloading the mod


rFactor2 has very bad pit strategy with AI. They can sometimes change tires with last lap while they are leading. Hopefully studio 397 will fix this soon!
AI usually pits during 20-40 laps (depending of track) I usually let them pit ones in race (so do i, because my tires are in bad shape)
How I know what is right lap count?
Simulate one race with AI without you racing (you can make races go faster, so you dont have to sit there 30 minutes. Default key to do is CTRL+X). Usually Brabhams go pit first, so check which lap it is (or the car that pits first). Then just multiply it with 2. To make sure, remove 2-5 laps.
Carlos pits at lap 27
Set race distance to 50
If you want short races, just set race distance under 27 laps


(you can also remove tire wear, but don't that! Its boring. Nobody wants to be boring)


Sadly I don't have legal trackpack to share with you guys. Would like some help from you guys with this problem!
Suggest some tracks to use with this mod!
They dont need to be from season 1975. Just rF2 quality tracks with good ai!
You can start with Brianza 1966 or Monaco 1966 to have "old" feeling clear.png
Spa 1966 is good track also, but bit boring with these cars. Also AI makes too much suicide attempts


Lotus 72D is great car to pick if you dont know what do choose! Some AI has faster cars so you can try to pass them and have always good driving with AI
Don't need any other arguments
About the mod
Cars have different psychics and reflect season 1975
This don't mean they are 100% accurate


Mod don't have all cars from 1975 (maybe 2-3 missing) Don't know if rest of the cars are coming. It's up to master ChiefWiggum.


Updating of this mod continues after this release! It's not yet finished and I will take little modding brake after this release and just enjoy racing.
The original idea was to make this to myself and haven't got enough time to race with this. clear.png


Would love to have feedback from you guys how to make this mod better.
PM you suggestion and we can figure out how to do it!


Brabham and Ferrari has new tires! Rest of them will have new tires later!


Engine can blown any time (like in real F1), but remember to shift correctly! Bad shifting can reduce your engine life time very much


In the end I want to give special thanks to ChiefWiggum! This guys has been making so many great mods for rF1 and he still is making them!
That is true passion.
Also thanks for him, for making so high quality cars for this mod! They look like they are made scratch for rF2. And cockpits looks very very good!
You made my favorite era of F1 cars much more better! 5012-5d095457c722726f40088df367e6c5e3.jpg


Happy racing!
Hopefully everybody has good time with this mod!
Atleast I have clear.png

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