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Formula 1 1988 by carrera4 v0.94

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About This File

Formula 1 1988 for rF2.   
Base is my scratch made mod from rF1.
- 31 cars
- 16 tracks
- new showroom
- new hud etc.


All features of rF2 are implemented: realroad,turboengines,deformable tyres,moveable arms etc.
Cars have different physics and engines, turbo and normally aspirated (season 1988 had both)
Tracks are optimized for HDR, atleast on my PC looks good smile.png.
Im always working alone so please dont expect fast updates but
work continues, still needs lot to do.


known issues:
- Cars only tested and optimized with G25. I suppose u need to lower
force feedback in car garage(control) or in upgrades menue
when u have other type of wheel, bcs G25 is one of weaker in compare to
others when im right.
- Analog rev counter looks weird on other tracks then 1988,
u can deactivate reflection in upgrades menue when u need.
- Lots of little graphical details to fix everywhere.




Update V0.93
flex-chassis implemented
gives more precise and direct feeling of suspension work.
- flex chassis implemented
- again improved aiws on tracks for better ai behaviour
- some graphical details improved

What's New in Version v0.92   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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