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Ferrari inspired f80 hyper-car for assetto corsa 1.3 "Q1 2017". "fixed link"

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About This File

Introducing the Ferrari inspired F80 Hyper-car for Assetto Corsa


The F80 Hyper-car, a stunning design by an up and coming Italian designer Adriano Raeli, whom has spent countless hours perfecting his design in the hope of attracting the attention of the powers that be at Ferrari HQ in Marenello. Adriano's ultimate aim, is having this utterly futuristic looking vehicle produced to become the next Hyper-car in Ferrari's long line of unforgettable releases.




Theoretical Performance Figures:
Engine V12 projected output 900 BHP
Additional KERS system boosting output to 1,200 BHP
0 to 62 mph projected time is 2.2 seconds,




Project Team Details:
Original Designer : Adriano Raeli


Project Commissioner: Nigel May
Lead Mod Dev: Eugen
Physics and Handling Developer: Australian Sim Racing Expert
Dev Support: Gift Horse Mouth Studios


Project History:
As the F80's commissioner, l fell in love with this design one and a half years ago and in so doing l commissioned it to be developed with the intention that it be brought to Assetto Corsa as a free mod. My main motivation for this is parallel with the cars designer Adriano Raeli. l see this car as a future real world Ferrari and it is my hope that I can help in some small way and make this happen by throwing a spot light on it here in Assetto Corsa.


The team is hoping to refine the car until it lives up to the vision of Adriano Raeli by Q1 of 2016. Adriano holds all rights and ownership of the cars design and supports the implementation of his design in Assetto Corsa. The F80 will have an optimized seating position in anticipation of the Oculus Rift CV1. DK2 support is already in place in the development model.


Project Status:
Currently the project consists of scratch built model.
Further cockpit details will be finalized under the guidance of Adriano Raeli.
The team will continue to refine the F80 until it is a highly respected mod amongst the community.
Adriano, who knew nothing of this project until only recently will sign off on the project once he is completely satisfied with the end results.


My Motivation:
This project has been motivated by my passion for this beautiful automobile. I invite anyone that is a fan of this truly unique design to get behind me and support the project by sharing it with friends and family. To the Ferrari family which includes not just the Engineers or staff but their families as well, I would gladly welcome your support for this project. This car could become the iconic poster car of the future, just as we all had posters of Ferrari's on our walls as children.
This will be a free to download mod for Assetto Corsa there will be no monetary gain intended or implied for this project. The F80 is a design which resonates with the soul of Ferrari, to see it, drive it, live it and ignite the passion of Ferrari to ultimately produce this design and add it to their lineage. Something only the magic touch of Ferrari can make a reality!




8th June 2016
- Official seats integrated - official vision.
- KERS enabled for extra 300bhp, please assign a KERS button with in your control settings.
- F1 Style wheel added - non official vision.
- Neutral blank cockpit / dash - non official vision.




Additional information:
The F80 MOD for Assetto Corsa is a work in progress with the current interior and experience not a finished item. This projects goal is to support the F80 manufacture and assist the original designer with visibility of what could be possible.


Further reading:


Recent interview with Mr Adriano Raeli May 9th 2016 - Viju Mathew interviewing @ robbreport.com

What's New in Version 1.3 "Q1 2017". "fixed link"   See changelog


July 20th 2017
-  Fixed Link for main download.
- Additional back up link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1ikwhnrxuqjvkt/ferrari_f80.2017.zip?dl=0



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