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Mountain Road

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Here is a 10 KM Mountain Road in Austria by Bernd.H
It´s not 100% like in Real Life, i just took the basic Layout for the Track.


The Track is made with RaceTrackBuilder, i am new to modding Tracks, so there are no trackside objects.
My skills are not good enough to make high Quality Tracks with Houses or other Objects , so at the moment there is just a Road and some trees.


What do you think about tracks like this?
Do you wan´t only drive High quality tracks, or is it Okay to offer Tracks which have not so much Details like this one?
I personally prefer to make many low quality tracks like this one, instead of trying to make only one perfect Track(and probably never finish it), because not everbody has the skill to make beautiful tracks.


added Track Cameras
added Track Ebnit Reverse


added some Walls and Fences, Trees have collide
added MultiLayout Ebnit & Ebnit-Reverse, new Folder "ebnit_multi"


Everbody who have old Versions , please delete Folder "ebnit" and "ebnit_reverse".


updated roadmesh, it is a little bumpier now
updated Track Cameras
added some Guardrails and Signs

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