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Nuerburg Village Update 1.0

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Nuerburg Village update v1.00 for GTR2 by BenMK1 (Original by raceking)


I have this track a very long time, but i have not drive him all the years.
Now i have overworked the most problems. The Jump is now good drivabel and in the section with oncoming traffic the AI only small crashes now.
I have set the Grip Level higher.
I found it is now very good driving, and the trill in the oncoming traffic section is fantastic.
I only drive in arcade mode, other modes not testet.


Formation Lap:
You musst skip the formation lap.
In the formation lap more as 30% of the cars have a crash. To fix this, only for
the formation lap, need many hours. Sorry to big work!


• Grid and Teleport position corrected, Timetrial working, 40 Cars
• Groove integrated (not all curves)
• AI: Now only small accidents in section with oncoming traffic.
• The jump is now better to drive. Only small breaking, than not crash.
• Road Signs, 2 with warnlight (Intersection)
• .TGA files converted to .DDS
• Startlight integrated
• On 2 position the car is sicking in the ground. I have rename the material: oldb_bian -> road_main999
• delete not needed material for this track (many TREEWALL_**.GMT and other)
• Rainreflect
• other small things
• Laptime: AI Speed GT class 100% ~2:04


• Any of the tree and people ist often blending in/out (NB_TREE01.GMT/MAN.GMT). I have not found the problem.


I have overwork the most files, and renammed.
In this package is the full GTR2 track.


Oncoming traffic Section:
If you are driving in Race on the opposite lane (at the top of downhill, and in the middle), GTR2 give you a Info. You can ignore this.
In TimeTrial on this 2 position the Time is canceld, when you to long drive of this track side.


When you have this track, delete the old folder "Nuerburg Village"
Then copy this version in your Locations folder.


thanks for the track to raceking (i have not found contact to him)

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