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Force Feedback Anti-clipping Tool 4.3.1

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Author : Atle Dreier


What is it?
It is a small app that will show you your current FFB level and any clipping you may experience, and it will also suggest a gain setting to use in the game to minimize clipping and maximize forces generated from your force feedback device.

How do I use it?
Unpack the .RAR to Assetto Corsa/apps/Python
Run Assetto Corsa and enable "FFBClip" in MAIN MENU -> OPTIONS -> GENERAL -> UI Modules

What are the buttons and values, and how do they help me?
Profile button
selects the Force Feedback profile. There are four profiles:
Normal. This is the default mode. It will try to give you the strongest ffb possible without clipping
Strong. This mode allow a little clipping in the heaviest corners
Maximum. This mode disregard the strongest corner stored and averages the less strong corners. Good for tracks that have a single (or very few) very strong ffb events, like Eau Rogue at Spa.
Dynamic. This mode will continually adjust your gain to give you the strongest ffb possible. It will raise the gain on straights so you can feel bumps and grip when going straight, and it will lower gain in the corners to prevent clipping when the suspension loads up.

Mode button selects automatic or manual mode. It will be set to auto for a new car/track combination, and to manual for a combination that you have driven before.
In manual mode the app will only suggest a value to set the gain to, you have to press the buttons yourself. Good if you want to override the gain setting the app give you, or you already have a gain setting for this combination
In Auto mode the app will set the gain for you based on the current profile. This is the default mode.

Log. This will save a log of the current track so you can analyze the ffb events after the session. The filename will be <CarName>-<Trackname>-lapnumber.CSV. It will be saved in apps/Python/FFBClip/Logs

In Histogram mode:
The green curve
is the histogram. It shows how much time is spent at each force level.
The red curve shows the clipping point.

In Graph mode:
The green curve
is the current force output to your wheel.
The yellow curve is the filtered force feedback used to suggest the gain setting. I filter it to get rid of most of the big spikes that would skew the suggested gain.
The red line is clipping level. Any force that goes above this line is clipped.
Mild clipping value indicate the amount of time your ffb level is between 95 and 105%. A few percent of mild clipping is desirable in most cases, that means you are maximizing you force feedback
Hard clipping indicate that the force feedback is clipping severely. You should aim to minimize this number, but the occational jolt, kerbs and big bumps may still generate large forces that will show up as hard clipping. Don't worry about this, some hard clipping is more or less unavoidable in a high end simulator.

The suggestion that the app comes up with is valid for this particular track and car combination. The different cars in particular vary greatly in how much force they produce, but even the track can exaggerate this. Some tracks are very bumpy and need a lower gain setting, others are very smooth and allow a higher gain. The app will store the gain for each track and car combination and load it the next time you drive that particular combination.

If you are in manual mode the app will alert you if your gain is much too high or much too low once it has a significant amount of data to make that claim.
If you are in automatic mode the app will switch to manual mode after a significant amount of time has passed. This is to prevent "gain creep", the phenomenon where you get into the groove and start to push harder and get more grip, and make more mistakes. These mistakes accumulate and can cause the gain to creep lower and lower as you drive many laps.

Many people are used to having their ffb set too high or too low. I suggest using the suggested gain for a while to "acclimatize" and get used to the new feel.


Added PreferGraph to FFBCli.ini. Set to 1 to have Graph as the default view
Reset button now resets the gain to 100% and sets manual mode


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