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Race Engineer Center 0.0.6

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Author : AvedisZildjian


REC is now in the very early stage of the developement, there is so much work to do, so this version has a number of bugs, some of very important features are not done yet, but I've decided to share it with you to get some feedback and find out which features do you need and whereby I should embody this features.
Feel free to send me your feedback, bug-reports, feature requests and etc. Bear in mind that this is the very early version and now I have about 50 items in my to-do list. I hope you will find it useful for your car setup, race preparations and race monitoring.


Added RECorder - console application for telemetry recording without GUI REC functionality
Added Fuel calculation window. Warning - fuel usage calculation can provide incorrect result if telemetry for different cars/tracks is loaded
Added channel unit support and unit conversion support
Added what's new window (help -> what's new)
Added telemetry parameter "off track". 0 means car is on track, 0.5 means 2 wheels are out, 1 means all wheels are out
Added telemetry parameters "tyre radius" and "maximum suspension travel" (AC)
Added telemetry parameters "yaw", "pitch", "roll" and their rates (AC and iR). In AC REC calculate rates on the fly
Added lap header parameter "maximum fuel level"
Lap header parameter "simulator name" now contains Assetto Corsa version
Added View menu into REC Main Window where you can manage visibility of panels and toolbars
Small improvements in popup menus and main menus
Added lock interface option (view -> options -> lock interface). When active all dock panels and toolbars become non-movable, non-floatable and non-closable, but still resizable
All secondary window can now be closed by pressing ESC
Fixed wrong car coordinates reading from Assetto Corsa
Lap Library window no longer loses focus after loading telemetry
Performance optimisations in adding curves to the telemetry view widget. Up to 4 times faster
Improved crossplot control tree
Small optimisations in reading REC telemetry files (*.rec) and iRacing telemetry files (*.ibt)
Added tooltips with stint, lap or channel name in control trees
Logs are now placed in /logs folder
Fixed rare crashes in time and speed delta calculation

telemetry widget:
Improved font rendering in high-dpi displays (4k etc)
Zoom widget rendering improved
Added ability to hide Zoom widget (widget setup -> style -> show zoom widget) and change its size (widget setup -> advanced style -> zoom widget size)
Zoom tool now works
Mouse wheel zoom now uses cursor position as zoom origin point
Added viewport names
Added unit labels to viewport names and viewport watermarks
Added font size setup for watermarks and viewport names
Added export telemetry view widget contetns to vector (SVG) and raster (PNG) formats
Fixed: Vertical mesh labels can overlap
Fixed: Hiding a number of viewports and showing them in a different order cause glitches with viewport height
Fixed: Automatic vertical scale in viewport doesn't work
Fixed: Wrong vertical scale when adding laps one-by-one

lap library:
Laps that are now loaded into REC now has italic font
You now can't load one lap twice using lap library
Fixed: unable to import laps to library if telemetry folder doesn't exist

Fixed: error in defining "waiting for start" car status on race start in some cases (Assetto Corsa)
Fixed: first lap in hotlap mode not recording (Assetto Corsa)
Improved completed lap time detection (Assetto Corsa)

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