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AcTools Cars Manager 0.3.47

Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Auhor : x4fab


Small utility for easy editing ui_car.json files. Written using NW.js.

If you have some ideas and suggestions about batch processing or something else, please tell me.


  • Enable/disable cars; edit name, brand, class, tags, description & specs
  • Install new cars or skins or update existing with drag'n'drop from archives or folders
  • New fields: year, country, author, version, url; autoupdatable database with values
  • Search for description online
  • Reassign parents, change and create new upgrade icons
  • Detect unoriginal sfx
  • View skins & liveries, auto-update liveries colors
  • Auto-update Previews to Kunos-style or something else
  • Body/Wheels Ambient Shadow Fixer
  • Open showroom, start quick practice (or hotlap/drift session)
  • Restoration Wizard, Batch Processing
  • Delete cars to Recycle Bin



  • Please don't unpack carsmgr.exe in folders like C:\Program Files, it won't be able to auto-update itself.
  • If new ambient shadows are not appropriate, you always could restore original from the trash bin.
  • If after practice in app default launcher doesn't work anymore, just start practice one more time. Or, if size of AssettoCorsa.exe is ≈10KB and there is AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak nearby, replace AssettoCorsa.exe with AssettoCorsa.exe~at_bak. It's a long story.
  • This app is open-source, and you can do with the source whatever you want, but I highly recommend to write me first – it's written with Js-Ext, and I can't say it's well documented.

Notes about Auto-update Previews Feature

  • If your screen resolution isn't 1920×1080, maybe default camera position is wrong. In that case, please, find new position and send it to me with your screen resolution.
  • Result camera position always is slightly different. It's obviously a bug, but at this moment I don't know how to fix it. The problem is because my app sends same commands with same delays, but this is PC, not atomic clock, so delays are changing. Camera rotation is acShowroom.exe is very smooth, so this affects speed and, as result, camera position is kind of random. Maybe later I'll find the way to directly interfere with acShowroom.exe process memory and set camera position directly, but it probably will require Administrator rights and maybe even change some values in registry.
  • I've stopped to develop Custom Showroom because I can't clone original shaders close enough. It's pretty buggy with some cars and way too dark, but without right shaders it doesn't matter. If you know all this DX11 stuff, I would be very happy if you could help me.

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