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MDG F1 2014 V1.1

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About This File

Available MDG F1 2014 Mod V1.0 Modding made and developed by Design Group of www.rfactorspain.es


-ERS (3 maps Engine)
configuration ERS and DRS:


Users only need to assign a button on your steering wheel or keyboard to operate the DRS, in rFactor 2 is between those that are assigned FROM the menu, and two to select the mapping of fuel for ERS, TempBoosIncrement for gain map, and TempBoostDecrement loss. 3 maps are available engine:
Map motor 1: which is the economic, using the extra power more conservatively (80 additional horsesarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png for 66.6 seconds) and the consumption that allows lose 100 kg. by race.
Map motor 2: using more conventional power (160 horsepower for 33.3 seconds)
Map motor 3: using the additional power more aggressively (240 extra horsesarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png for 22.2 seconds), but with an even greater consumption, so if used too long will be difficult to finish the race just down to economy mode, which should be much lower performance. Engine wear is also higher with more aggressive maps.


Mod CREDITSarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png:
-Produced and converted mod: Modding Design Group
-The 3D models or chassis: Codemasters created and modified by Modding Design Group.
-Physics by: Modding Design Group
-physical wheels: Modding Design Group
-Sounds: F1Revolution created by and modified by Modding Design Group.
-2D Textures: modified by Modding Design Group
-3D Textures: modified by Modding Design Group

What's New in Version V1.1


  • note: Uninstall the old version for the correct use of MDG Mod F1 2014 V1.1
  • new cameras
  • new engine sounds

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