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Lake Louise - 23km/50km v2.08

About This File

Author: Lucas - Xtremepsionic


Current version V2.08
Change log:
Increased lod of roads from 400m to 1200m due to bug with rift users not seeing road
Tweaked West fwd/rev, lake fwd/rev and west downhill AI lines so they're competitive and less prone to crashing
Camera files for the above layouts are included thanks to the amazing fans on the forum!
Added road barriers for closed roads


  • 23 km/50 km* of undulating and exciting roads, from single-lane bumpy mountain paths to four-lane wide highways
  • High definition road surfaces for amazing force feedback
  • Varied road surfaces for different driving feel
  • 5 / 12* layouts for AI racing, multiplayer cruising, or uphill/downhill drifting
  • Bravery testing jumps and breathtaking views
  • Reverb and echo sound effects


What's New in Version v2.08   See changelog


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