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Dragon Range by Dori 0.4.1

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Author : Dori

Here's a track I've been working on, it's a mountain road point to point.

I designed it for drifting, there's an up hill and down hill version.

I included a blank for the wrong way warning and a back up of the original. I have the AI for the up hill in the down hill track too so the cameras work (making cameras is a pain). I also included an AI line for down hill if you don't want to get rid of the wrong way warning, only the replay cameras are not set up for it. I will fix this when there's a working camera tool.

None of the included Ai will actually work for racing. I didn't think it will be important for a drift track, I just wanted the replay cams to work.

I got most of the textures free online, from places like Deviant Art, so did what I can for now with them, until I learn to do this properly.

I will be extending the track to about 8km once I get what I have looking good and running good.

The bottom of the hill was meant to be like a small town or city, but I'll have to wait until I can do it properly, so I just threw something in there so it doesn't look too bare.


Added online friendly downhill track with no AI.


New terrain textures

New grass textures with flowers

road signs added

remodeled some terrain

New concrete shader and some shader adjustments.

New lakes added, with experimental water.

added 35 pit boxes

more accurate track map


Fixed mistakes in downhill track, mainly grass should look much better now.


First version made using the ks editor.

Pretty much every shader adjusted and textures changed for some parts.

Rebuilt terrain, saved more than 50% less vertices.

New illumination.

New background mountains added.

Runs great now best performance and best looking version yet.


Fixed grass

New shaders for terrain, tarmac, armco and walls.

Various shader and texture adjustments


Online compatiblity.


Lots of optimisations, terrain and cherry trees redone.

Palm trees added.

Improved Grass.

Roundabout at down hill start added.

Wall fixed to stop weird stuff.

Some shaders adjusted. I wanted to do more with shaders and textures for this version, but I'm having trouble importing my track to the Ks editor.

Should see big improvement in FPS, about 30% or more.

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