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SGT Suzuka 2.3

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Alessandro Pollini

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SGT SUZUKA 300km 08 (1)

SGT SUZUKA 300km 09 (1)

SGT SUZUKA pokka 1000km (1)



ALL There is malfunction AI slides off the track by one corner approach, a hairpin start, and to run.

(1) In the case of the state that copied an HAT file in "C:GTR2GameDataLocationsHAT_Dedicated" to display a safety car by the Rawlings tart setting by the multi-play, a GTR2Dedicated server crashes in practice and a preliminaryiThere seems to be a problem in an AIW file so that malfunction occurs at a point in time when I copied an HAT file, but does not come by cause investigation.

Therefore it is necessary to start a race in standing start or Rawlings tart of SkipFormationLap in "the state that does not copy an HAT file" by the multi-play.

(2) PIT becomes the course outside depending on a vehicle in EAST. There is malfunction in PIT.

(3) AI keeps on taking a PIT limiter in WEST, and there is the malfunction that the signal of the start cannot turn on.

In the EAST, three courses except WEST, PIT greatest 32 run is possible.

The Rawlings tart is possibility only by a single play; (can lead a safety car by even a multi-play hits an exercise and the preliminary, and starting a race).

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