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Realistic HDR-ENB filter 1.2

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About This File

Author : Rainmaker

This enhancement gives you the opportunity to bring the old gmotor2 engine to some fresh looking style. These are settings done by me with the ENB series of Boris Vorontsov.

Version 1.1 had over 2500 downloads in two years. So this can't be a wrong thing :)

Copy the files from the folder of the game you want to enhance into your main installation directory. This directory is where the rfactor.exe/gtr2.exe/GSC.exe/FTruck.exe is.

Don't forget: JUDGING WITHOUT TESTING IS SENSELESS! The pictures can not show the entire effect. This mod only shows his beauty in high resolution.

Update log:

v1.2 removed parameter that darkened up the game

v1.1 added FPS-limiter lines (45 FPS)

What's New in Version 1.2



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