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About the circuit:
Longford began hosting motorcycle events in the early 1950s, and car races soon after, including two Australian Grand Prix. The lineup included touring cars, sports cars, and the Tasman Series featuring a number of the top F1 drivers and teams. The circuit was last used for the 1968 event.


The public road circuit started amongst sheep paddocks, moved past the town's water tank, down a steep slope, passed under the brick arches of the railway viaduct, and onto King's Bridge over the South Esk River. The circuit approaches the town and turns in front of one of the local pubs, passes a few houses and crosses the rail line again at a level crossing. The road continues out of town between Hawthorn hedges and Plane trees and back amongst paddocks, past the disused Tannery, and turns right at a t-junction towards Long Bridge which recrosses the river. Another t-junction turns up hill and takes the cars flat-out for around two kilometers to the final corner, the slowest on the circuit, and back to the start line.


ReadMe & basic change log below:


2015-03-03: Longford v0.99 - Sixth version for rF2 (475MB)


ISI forums Longford thread:



About the circuit:
Longford began hosting motorcycle events in the early 1950s, and car races soon after, including two Australian Grand Prix. The lineup included touring cars, sports cars, and the Tasman Series featuring a number of the top F1 drivers and teams. The circuit was last used for the 1968 event.


The public road circuit started amongst sheep paddocks, moved past the town's water tank, down a steep slope, passed under the brick arches of the railway viaduct, and onto King's Bridge over the South Esk River. The circuit approaches the town and turns in front of one of the local pubs, passes a few houses and crosses the rail line again at a level crossing. The road continues out of town between Hawthorn hedges and Plane trees and back amongst paddocks, past the disused Tannery, and turns right at a t-junction towards Long Bridge which recrosses the river. Another t-junction turns up hill and takes the cars flat-out for around two kilometers to the final corner, the slowest on the circuit, and back to the start line.


ReadMe & basic change log below:
2015-11-03: Longford 1967 - v0.99 (during rF2 Build 1008)
by woochoo
2015-03-03 v0.98 (during rF2 Build 930)
2015-01-06 v0.97 (during rF2 Build 910)
2013-11-22 v0.92 (during rF2 Build 342)
2013-09-17 v0.91 (during rF2 Build 300)
2013-08-19 v0.90 (first version for rF2 Build 240)


2013-03-14 v1.0 (probably final version for rFactor 1)
2012-10-19 v0.99
2011-08-17 v0.97
2010-07-11 v0.9
- Rights to reuse any content are denied unless explicit permission is given by woochoo.
- Please do not edit textures, models, or other files without permission.
- Loading screens may be modified without permission for private league use (credit to woochoo must still be displayed on screen).
- Contact woochoo if other changes are needed to make the circuit more league-friendly (and woochoo may implement them into the main package).
- Conversions and updates require explicit permission from woochoo.
- Permission for conversion or update is not transferable between personnel.
- Permission for conversion or update is not transferable between source versions.
- Absence of permission does not imply permission.
- Credit must be given in the readme.txt file and any other appropriate accompanying documentation (including download pages).
- This ReadMe file must be included (unedited) in any redistribution of this circuit and/or content.
- Use of any content in a public display or commercial context (or any similar situation, other than private home use and standard online use) is not permitted without permission from woochoo.
- Contact woochoo to request permission (semi-active on some sim-racing forums, primarily ISI forums, so send PM).
- If woochoo cannot be contacted, absence of permission still does not imply permission.
36 garage spots, 12 pit boxes, 36 grid slots.
1 Grid Layout:
- Staggered Grid has a single car per row, alternating left and right.
|===============CHANGE LOG===============|
|======What is new in this version?======|
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.99 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
- Road: Slight changes to road surface before pub, including what appears to be a pot hole filling, as recently noticed in ref material, and repair patch at begining of yellow pitlane line.
- Road: Changes to road materials and specular masks.
- Road Decals: Some small material and texture changes (higher res).
- Control Tower: Some renovations to the rear of the tower, reconfiguration of scaffolding, addition of external doorknobs, addition of floodlights, and some basic interior fitout.
- Control Tower: Reworked/new textures and materials as a result of above mesh updates.
- Control Tower: Added small custom "wind" animation to awnings (it's not great, but it's something).
- Control Tower: Added working clock.
- Pits: Fixed an unnoticed mapping error causing broken lighting reactions, and updated sponsor signs with some new fictional advertising and updated textures and material settings.
- Pits: Replaced names of real drivers, teams, cars (to avoid potential legal troubles).
- Foot Bridge: Reworking of stairs, some slight extra mesh detailing, mapping changes reducing absolute texture size, and removal of fake shadow caster (visible mesh now casts shadow).
- Tram/Police Centre: Small update to texture and material.
- Food Stall/Toilets: Small update to textures and material.
- Bleachers: New highpoly model with new texture (old model still used for lower detail levels).
- Spectator Cars: Retoned paint colours and removed some details from textures to make the cars less specific.
- Spectator Cars: Corrected a mesh error that had appeared on some station wagons.
- Pub: Some small mesh, mapping, and texture changes.
- Pump Station: Upgraded pump station building (driver's right after King's Bridge) with more mesh detail, new textures, and new material.
- Houses: Upgraded house models with more polygons and new textures.
- Houses: Some changes to house distribution based on reference photos.
- House Fences: Small updates to the front fences of some houses, as well as brand new white picket fence after rail crossing.
- Kerbs/Gutters: Increased mesh density for smoothing hard edges.
- Gutter/Footpath: Remade and extended gutter/footpath on the left side of the beginning of Tannery Straight (in the town).
- Driveway Thresholds: Added concrete ramps over gutter to footpath.
- Haybales: Welded and smoothed bales (they look a bit better and a bit worse now - different... just different)
- Fences: Some small changes to textures and materials of timber plank fences.
- Railway Crossing Signs: Higher poly meshes with new textures and material.
- Railway Signal Tower: Higher poly mesh with new textures and material.
- Sponsor Tower Signs: New meshes and textures for global oil company sponsor signs.
- Sponsor Signs and Banners: Replaced most real-world tradenames and imagery with fictional alternatives.
- Sponsor Signs and Banners: Have aquired approval to use some registered tradenames and branding from the real-life events.
- Sponsor Signs and Banners: Moved and rescaled (smaller) red cola sign at viaduct, based on photo reference.
- Starting Lights: Fixed material animation error and changed sequence to single red light, then green light.
- AIW: All new AIW files due to online grid errors in old version.
- AIW: New AIW may produce faster AI laptimes (have added slight limitation on AI acceleration).
- AIW: Removed "Historic Grid" & "Level Grid" layouts, which were having some grid troubles.
- AIW: Changed (due to congestion) garage/pit/grid capacity to 36/12/36, down from 42/13/42.
- AIW: Adjustments to blocking path, aimed at reducing severe blocking on the Flying Mile.
- AIW: Added "Fast_H" fast path for Cobras, which more than any other car were cutting the turn off of Long Bridge.
- AIW: Added "OW3_Fast" path for Skip Barber, which wasn't handling some slow-down hacks in the main fast path.
- CAM: Moved (lowered) trackside camera in group one due to removal of perch in same location.
- HDR: Adjustments to a number of textures (over 80 different objects) that were excessively clipping against the white point of the new build 948 HDR automation.
- Standardisation: Slight changes to file name structures to match ISI format more closely.
- Optimisation: Some fairly insignificant batching and/or material reduction could improve performance slightly.
- Optimisation: Pit tents and metal fence panels now visable in high/med detail levels, may slightly reduce fps.


================================================== ===
===Known Issues, Non-Implemented Features, & Notes===
================================================== ===
===The AI
- Sometimes they'll hop onto the dirt banks on the inside of a few corners.
- F1 and some other cars may collide with tyre markers.


- Some cars may not have their headlight beams rendered on road, terrain and objects correctly or consistently (includes ISI Corvette C6, Honda NSX cars)


===Wet Road Reflections
- Fences and some terrain areas are not currently in the reflection list due to the nature of the reflection system.


- Some popin, popout, and awkward shading of trees/bushes/buildings etc. In some cases this is a compromise between shaded vegetation and overly bright unshaded vegetation.


===Poles and Fences Flickering in the Distance
- Distant poles and fences may flicker due to the difference between shaded and unshaded parts of the mesh. There is a constant reevalution of which part of the mesh to render into the available pixels, and where bright and shaded geometry is close the rendering alternates between bright and shaded pixels. Using something like nVidia's DSR should reduce flickering by rendering at higher resolution and then the resultant downsizing for display will have blended the brightness transitions.


- Bridge structures don't currently extend down into the river bed mud. When bridge structures are updated, they will.


===Terrain Decals
- Slight blur where grassy road-edge decals blend into terrain.


===Normal Mapping
- In a couple of areas one or two of the normal maps don't seem correctly oriented with the lighting system.


===General Efficiency / Optimisation
- This project was started as a beginner some time ago, and has been a learning experience. Skillz, philosophies, techniques, and technology have progressed in that time. As a result, and the size of the circuit, updates are a rolling process, and there isn't usually time to do all desired updates at or by a specific time.
It is planned that the older models and textures will be updated, optimised, or replaced.


===Continued Development
- The main target of development will be updates/remakes of older buildings/structures.
- 3D trees for track-side trees are planned, but takes too long to reach my desired accuracy at this time (some unreleased work has occurred but it is time-intensive).
- Separating painted lines from road textures to separate grip levels (pitlane and grid lines are already separate).


================================================== ===
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.98 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
This release is primarily a maintenance release to fix an AIW issue.
- AIW: Fixed issue where some low-grip/high speed cars would miss apexes, and the final corner entirely (added AI path kinks before turn in - doesn't appear to concern cars which already worked well).
- AIW: Attempted to help some modern GT type cars avoid first lap crashes by narrowing AIW corridors.
- AIW: Some improvement for historic cars (BT20/Howston) crashing in wet conditions at kink before Tannery Corner.
- AIW: Note, Since early builds there have been three variations of the starting grid, so experimenting with those may help avoid first lap incidents (eg. Staggered Grid for modern cars).
- House: Replaced old GPL model of large house on driver's left, after rail crossing (new model is ~11K triangles).
- Tents: New tent models and textures to replace the old ones.
- Road: Slightly eased some bumps (track mesh) on the flying mile.
- Road: Added slight hump/dip between turn two and the viaduct (was hard to be sure from reference photos, but newly acquired reference photos from a different angle make it much more obvious - thanks to Cooper997).
- Road: Some changes to material specular settings.
- Terrain: Some changes to texture & material specular settings.
- Terrain: Some changes to some normal maps.
- Trees: Improved tree settings for people not using transparency AA (should look less bad).
- Grasses: Improved tree settings for people not using transparency AA (should look less bad).
- Bushes: Removed some shadow casting in viaduct area.
- Footbridge: Partial update/partial remake of textures.
- Crowd: Minor tidy-up work on the old 2d cardboard crowd (yes, still the same old crowd textures at this time).
- Tyre/Tire Markers: Slight reduction in height of collision mesh (will still flip cars with low floors etc).
- TDF: Small changes to road bumps in terrain physics definition file.
- CAM: Some chages to trackside camera clipping planes to reduce z-fighting (not perfect, but better).
- Maintenance: Deleted a few megabytes worth of old textures from Maps.mas.
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.97 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
- Road: New T1/main textures.
- Road: Small texture changes and increased
resolution, and modified material settings for detail textures.
- Road: Some variation to road edge geometry.
- Road: Some small adjustments to road camber and crown.
- Road: Some reduction of the more extreme bumps.
- Road: Added some road surface repair patches.
- Road: Higher polygon density in some corners (makes more precise RealRoad effects).
- Road Lines: Some changes in resolution, normal maps, and material settings of decal lines.
- Road Lines: Added small, fictional yellow paint markers to the yellow pitlane line to indicate pit-in/pit-out for speed limits.
- Roadside Kerbs/Gutter: Updated some textures and increased some resolutions.
- Terrain: Initial implementation of new terrain shader (from rF2 build 860)
- Terrain: Mostly new textures.
- Terrain: Added geometry to some verge edges for variation and texture lerping.
- Terrain: Some verges have changed from grass to gravel.
- Terrain: Added shadow casting meshes for some steeper terrain areas, and global sun-blocker, to improve morning/afternoon lighting.
- Terrain: Added some basic terrain reflection meshes where appropriate.
- River: Added geometry to river and river shore, to improve mapping and appearance.
- River: Adjusted water textures and material properties.
- Trainlines: New trainline meshes, adjusted textures, added specular and normal mapping.
- Viaduct: New Model (more polys, more pixels, more precise).
- Pub: Some small upgrades to textures and material.
- Pit Building: Some basic stopgap updates to the pit building (a new mesh is planned in the future).
- Control Tower: Some quick and basic texture adjustments.
- Water Tower: Higher resolution texture, and material adjustments.
- Culverts: New models for Viaduct, Tannery Straight, and Newry Road culverts.
- Roadside Marker Posts: Replaced with new models and textures (including reflectors).
- Hay Bales: Textures retoned and higher resolution.
- Fences: New wire texture for fences (includes rusty barbed wire).
- Fences: Added normal mapping to some fence elements, and increased texture resolution for some fences.
- Fences: Adjusted Fence collisions outside of Turn 1 to reduce severity of 3-wide AI incidents at the start of a race.
- Trees: Rearranged some poplar trees after Newry Corner.
- Trees: Fixed some broken shading on some trees.
- Trees: Removed self-shadowing from trees (in some ways it's better, in some ways it's worse).
- Trees: Fixed some Z-fighting on some distant trees.
- Trees: Replaced some tree walls with massed X-trees.
- Sponsor Banners: Adjusted some textures and added specular and normal maps to some banners.
- Lights: Shortened attenuation of streetlights and floodlights.
- Shadow Meshes: Removed some old-style dummy shadow meshes from some buildings (now using the visible mesh to cast some shadows).
- AIW: Adjusted fast path on Tannery Straight to reduce AI crashes in wet conditions (some may still occur when low-grip cars are side by side).
- AIW: Some adjustments to create (a quite subtle, hacky) wind shear reverb effect on power poles.
- Physics: Some changes to physics of movable objects (hay bales, marker posts, signs)
- Indy Aero: Included VehicleConfig.ini to force Indy DW12 to use Roadcourse aero package.
- Optimisation: Some batching and adjustments to some draw distances may produce small FPS improvements.
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.92 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
- Three versions of the track: Historic, Level, & Staggered grids (may ease AIW & online grid/collision issues).
- AIW file: New version of Level grid, hopefully to fix online grid issue (otherwise use staggered).
- AIW file: Eased pitbox congestion (was 16 boxes, now 14: now 42 grid/garage spaces).
- AIW file: Pace Car/Safety Car now works.
- Water: Water shader with animated textures.
- Road Mapping: Road is now continously mapped, and more linear in mapping.
- Road Detail Textures: New spec, multi, & normal map textures & mapping.
- Grass: Preliminary implementation of specular effect.
- Mill: New model of the mill at Longford Corner (Four-storey brick building seen when approaching the town).
- Road Signs: Replaced some of the old direction sign objects (initial implementation).
- HDR: Adjustments for b342 - Includes "Bright", "Clear", "Neutral", & "Overcast".
- Cameras: Adjusted static orientations.
- Sounds: Added a subtle ambient environmental sound (initial implementation).
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.91 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
This version is mainly a fix version for v0.90 [edit: this didn't work out in v0.91].
- collisions with fence on Long Bridge causing flips/flying: hopefully fixed.
- cars in online race sessions flip/fly/bounce on grid: hopefully fixed.
- a levitating clump of grass just before King's Bridge: fixed.
- grass popup on tannery straight: fixed.
- less PA sound sources in pit area.
- volume of flapping flag sound has been lowered.
- reverb effect no longer heard around whole circuit.
- added low detail vis group (removes a bunch of stuff on low detail setting).
- road surface is less bumpy.
- grass rolling resistance increased.
other things:
- grid is now 2-2-2-2 alignment, rather than 3-2-3-2, to ease congestion.
- racegroove/rubber line is now mapped continuously.
- colour tone of willow trees (and some other trees) has been adjusted.
- corner markers (tyres) are rounder.
- corner markers (tyres) have separate HAT meshes (lower profile).
- have fiddled with HRD profile due to b300 lighting changes.
- road mirage effect enabled.
- mip bias for trees and bushes adjusted.
- waving flags, implying a fairly strong wind (might be adjusted in the future).
- loading screen updated with new image and version number.
- readme and change log updated to v0.91 tongue.png
+@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ V0.90 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@+
This version is mainly a conversion from rF1, with inclusion of RealRoad, Reflections, Weather, HDR and some other things.
================================================== ===


Check the credits list. They span rF1 and rF2 periods.
If you have contributed and feel you have been under-acknowledged or not acknowledged at all, let me know.
I've tried to keep up with the list, but i might have missed some things. Thanks to all those people!
==========CREDIT, and/or THANKS TO:==========


Piddy and Bob's Track Builder
- circuit made with Bob's Track Builder (now using 3ds Max)
Dave Noonan & 3dSimEd
guitarmaen & rF AIW CAM Editor
tasman-series.com - photos and info
Ben Jamieson - beta testing and resources
VirtuaLM/elwood/madhorse - Rouen grass/road textures (only in rF1 v0.9 - no longer used - thanks smile.png )
VirtuaLM - Modding@Max 3dsMax scripts (esp. detach by smoothing groups)
people on the atlas nostalgia board (Ray Bell, Doug Nye, Cooper997, Longfordboy, elrosso, Ellis, and others)
ennis fargis - rural aus and roads medium btb xpacks (i think only a single bush is still used)
Wierdbeard: haywood club btb xpack textures (I'm not sure any of these are still used)
- Rocky's bricks, some wooden fences, others
Gustaf Reutersward - GPL 3do models (inc. Pub, Mill, Tannery), photos - big thanks
Kruch/ Neil Faichney (Team ORSM) - skybox geometry and code (see .scn file)
ISI - rFactor and textures (only a small selection)
Longford Country Club Hotel - photo reference
Matin Weare - icepack - off white brick texture behind pub
http://www.masterbuilderstore.com - timber fence texture "fen_wd1"
My Dad and my Mum ~ biggrin.png
National Automobile Museum of Tasmania
Meclazine - beta testing
oldracephotos.com - Lindsay Ross - photos
Barry Green, author - Longford: Fast Track Back
Malcolm and Peter O'May - private footage from 1965
Ellis French - movies, photos, posters, program covers, 2x photos on loading screen
Mike McIvor & Barry Cassidy (former drivers at Longford)
unknown - track marshall texture "flagger.dds"
Stephen Dalton - TNF member (Cooper997)
Longfordboy - TNF member
John S. - Chrysler Royal ambulance photos (no longer used, but thanks) - http://www.111emergency.co.nz/ExWFAChrysler.htm
The owners of the St John HD Holden Ambulance, 94, Glamorgan (at the Longford Revival Festival, 2012)
6e66o's sky pack: http://simscreens.blogspot.com/2008/...ures-pack.html (no longer used as of 0.99)
Com8: Mainz-Finthen "wet.dds" (renamed to "reflectnoise.dds" - only in rF1 version 0.9)
The Lonely: Wet Track Turtorial (http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail...ack%20Tutorial)
motorfx for GTL, GTR2, Race conversions of rF1 v0.9
Todd B./TASMAP & Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (Tasmania) - Aerial Photography.
James, Andrew, Stephen, Tom, Winyu, Christian, Andrew, & HITLab AU
Luke S., at/formerly UTas
Tim B. for hooking me up with...
Octagon and the Longford Revival Festival (2011, 2012)
Shannon's Insurance - Rodney, Warren, Nick
Andrew Q. - SCTV
Tim, Luc, Scott, and all the other helpful people on the ISI forums
Strava and the Vintage Vee mod
Rantam and HistorX Mod Team
My Dad for "Eater's Ice Cream" fictional sponsor name
Ian Carins - Former secretary of the Longford Motor Racing Association
Rob Saward
Duncan Taylor
Julian Groitzsch`s Weather Builder
Aleksi Elomaa (staggered grid suggestion)
Shaun Andrews
Luc Van Camp
Marco S (Indy Aero config - ISI forums)
Andreas Zeidler, danke
Helpful, enthusiastic, supportive people on the ISI forums smile.png
Server admins who have been hosting Longford sessions, including Durge and Bryan smile.png


Longford rF1 Beta Testers
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and use has not been authorised, unless noted.
Any indications of sponsorship relate only to the original real-world events, not to this recreation.


Authorisation recieved for reproducing the name/branding of:
- St. John (ambulances)
- Donald Gorringe (pedestrian overpass)
- Examiner Newspaper* (pit building and fence banners)
- 7EX (control tower)
- 7LA (control tower)
- TASMAP (pit building - not historic, but as recognition of permission to use aerial photography)


Thank you to the respective representatives of those brands.
*permission could not be renewed for reproduction in commercial software (rFactor2 Steam) in time for release.
- required statement for use of cgtextures.com source material:


One or more textures in this 3D model/environment have been created with images from CGTextures.com.
These images may not be redistributed by default,
please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information.


- thanks to cgtextures for making so many textures and source photos freely available for use!


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attachment.php?attachmentid=10889&d=1385109938&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=10890&d=1385109967&thumb=1 attachment.php?attachmentid=10891&d=1385109990&thumb=1

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