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BT20 1966 Carset + Skins

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Here is the carset, packaged, including vehicle+skins, talent (with driver names altered a bit because I work for ISI), and the sound

Regarding the A.I. - they should finish in roughly the right order, and race fairly cleanly and interesting compared to the original A.I. But remember they are all driving the same car, it will take a while for them to break up from pack drafting at Monza. Also, these are all pretty reliable cars, like the Brabham was. You'll note the team name says "Brabham F" and "Brabham L", etc, those are the different teams. There's no car visuals in the rf2 menu, everything has the #4 car icon. Look at the text.

Anybody is free (and I have no involvement) to do what they want with this as far as modifying and re-releasing, etc, just please let people know in this thread.

To use:

- Install (I personally uninstalled the ISI BT20 so I could just see this mod in-sim).

- Select the car you want (I run #7), and select brabham in the opponent list with 18 opponents for a full field.

- For a race, please give the A.I. at least 25mins on UN-ACCELERATED qualifying. You'll get less accidents if the grid is roughly the right order.

I've had the A.I. do full races at Brianza and Monaco. Monaco there was a crash at the top of the hill on lap 1 just about every time they went up the hill side by side with someone, then they settled into single file and raced pretty clean. Brianza they raced clean pretty much the whole race, only the odd blown engine causing guys behind to stack up when still in the pack, etc. When I race these AI, they are pretty good, IMHO better than the standard AI, but the current fault seems to be in the paths, which is what I am trying to learn now in any time I have to myself... clear.gif

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