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I'm away for the weekend so this is quite a rushjob to get this alpha online today as promised. It's definitely very rough around the edges and please, don't mind the visuals. This is the first singleplayer version so now everyone who wants to can have a go at it and feel how it drives. I made the road textures a bit smaller in size (they were 4k) to keep the filesize down. The next one won't be as rough as this one though wink.png


For the news posters, please add the known issues list to your post so people know what they are in for when downloading this track and hopefully won't be disappointed going in with the wrong expectations.


-- Known Issues --


- Don't mind the visuals!
- Main Pitbuilding will be re-textured
- Performance, nothing has been done to optimize the track yet
- No proper HDR profile, no priority
- Saturation/color balance between textures, very low priority
- AIW Paths not final
- Startlight broken
- Ugly temporary buildings for reference
- Messy white line turn 2 (outside will fix for next version)


V0.23 Alpha
- Added new pitwall base model (wip, just so I could place the starterworkers really)
- Added marshals throughout the track
- Slightly reduced road noise level for normal road, openwheelers were reported as undriveable

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