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About This File

Author: Arnao (conversion from Grand Prix 1979 for Rfactor by Grand Prix Classics)

What has been updated:

- New Tires by 'Lemming77' (three compouds : Soft, Hard Goodyear tires - Finalizing, Wet Goodyear tires - Preliminary)

- Tyrrell Car Cockpit by 'Zonder' (built from scratch)

- Project coordination and assembling all stuff to one working piece by 'Arnao'

- 'GuyBo' for Support and dedication

Version 0.42 changes

-New Set of tires made By Lemmings

-Tyrrell cockpit from scratch

-3screens upgrade is now Stereo view (it's been defaultly apply to all car BUT alternate chassis got issues)

Install Instruction:

put file into your package folder



*For Some of you who still have an older released:

Before Install, You have to desinstall with Modmanager or delete by hand all older release (0.1c rfmod or multiRFCMP or rfcmp).!!!

In MOD manager.

Desinstall at first and delete all GP79 related (GP79_CAR, GP79_SOUND, GP79_TALENT)

By Hand

-"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/rfm > Delete MAS GP79_XXXX.MAS

-"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Vehicule/GP79_CAR >Delete folder

-"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Sounds/GP79_SOUND >Delete folder

-"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Installed/Talent/GP79_TALENT >Delete folder

-"MYDATARFACTOR2"/Manifest/ > delete GP79_XXXXX.mft


1)Now you 'll have to select ALL CAR

2)Choose a car for race and tune it:

3)Configure race to have GP79 car or other.

Tuning Options


Changing NominalMaxSteeringTorque value from cars HDV

-Assist Level 3->Maximum Assist, Lightest Steering

-Assist Level 2->Decreased Assist, Heavier Steering

-Assist Level 1->Minimum Assist, Heaviest Steering

*Shifter Style:


-Gate shifter.

*Optional Chassis

Car will not have correct SKIN till you choose it in the list.

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