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Jarama79 0.8

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Author : motorfx

After checking through all my old max scenes this weekend, I came across this that I used for GP79 mod and because it has high poly , 4x road width, I converted it to rf2 making all the neccessary changes required for RF2 to see if helped or eliminated ffb problems that some have experienced .. I also made some changes to tdf files, added trackvars in gdb ,which should overide ..ffb tested this with all cars.. using default wheel configs and didnt find it undrivable.. so I thought that would upload it for further feedback .. if it works better for those with different wheels. then it might help me in my process when exporting the rf2 GMTs in Max10 ..I should be able to rework the max scenes already saved of my other released rf2 wip tracks.

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