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RF2 Log Analyzer 2.034

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Author : Nibo


You can submit your times to Offline Challenges and Hotlaps
Since v2.030 includes Championship Manager to manage offline championships with AI or online league championships.
Championship manager features:

  • manage your online league championships or offline championships with AI
  • support for teams and classes
  • teams can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags or created and assigned manually
  • classes can be automatically selected from CarType, CarClass, TeamName tags or created and assigned manually
  • support for drivers moving between teams and classes at different races during championship
  • customizable points system for 50 places, points-for-all option, plus bonuses for pole position, fastest lap, one lap led and max laps led
  • points presets for all major racing series included
  • driver statistics for championship
  • car statistics selectable by CarType, CarClass, TeamName, VehName tags
  • customizable minimum distance for classification, number of team cars that awarded points, number of worst driver results in championship that won`t be counted
  • support for manual race points override, in case of penalties, disqualifications, custom bonuses, etc.
  • export of championship tables to html
  • transfer your championships between r2la versions by importing r2la_settings file
  • if racing with AI, you have to ensure by yourself consistent driver names and performances at every race during championship
  • do not delete .xml logs that you assigned as results for races in championship, they are accessed every time you browse championship


Since v2.032 there is separate online version of r2la for dedicated servers - rF2 Log Analyzer DEDI ver. 2.034. See readme.txt in archive for instructions.


1. Download rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.034
2. Unzip "rF2 Log Analyzer ver. 2.x" folder somewhere.
3. Run r2la.bat. Small cmd window will pop-up, local web server will start.
4. Open address in your favorite browser (IE is not supported).
5. When running app for the first time, enter a full path to your rfactor2 folder in the form provided.
6. When you finished working with r2la, you can close local web server window.
Note: Some actions, like importing log files for the first time or deleting log files may take about 30 seconds. Please, wait.


Since B998 rF2 logs include "Category" string for every driver. This allows for better car selection in case of mods like AMGT3, where Category allows to filter all cars independent of manufacturer.
r2la now creates car IDs from 4 tags (3 before) - Category, CarType, CarClass and TeamName. For most known mods best combinations will be preselected by default.
Car IDs are created for every Category+CarType combination.
r2la usually uses first value of the Category list, but for some mods I select other values, selection is hard-coded. For example, Palatov D4 selects second value - "D4" as Category.
Log files from old builds will have their Category=CarType.


Offline challenges now check for Start Type match. Since B998 rF2 includes "FormationAndStart" in log files.

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