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Brake plugin for Fanatec ClubSport Pedals v0.1

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About This File

BETA: Brake plugin for Fanatec CSP

Hi all, I've been coding up a brake vibration 'plugin' (its actually an exe) for GTR2 that works with Fanatec Clubsport pedals, and after many many hours its finally ready to be tested. The problem is that I don't actually have a set of Clubsport pedals so I'd really appreciate it if some folks that do could give the beta version a shot to see if it actually works.

The description and readme on that page should have all the details needed to get going and experiment a bit.

Two things to note:

1) It almost certainly needs User Account Control (UAC) to be turned off - this is a result of how the Fanatec driver works and beyond my... control (ugh).

2) You can use the program with CSP and any Fanatec wheel from PWTS onwards, just not the PWT. If you don't have CSP then you can direct it to use the wheel vibration motors instead if you want. Or it can use both.

If you try it out I would really like feedback on:

Your system (OS, 32/64, UAC setting, wheel model).

If it didn't work, what you tried to get it going (GTR2_CSP settings, system changes, etc).

If it did work, how I might make the full release version better.


Enables the brake vibration feature of Fanatec's Clubsport pedals to work as an indicator of tyre blocking (brake lockup) in GTR2. Also allows vibration to be directed to the wheel motors for the PWTS and newer.


1) Extract the archive to anywhere, perhaps a subfolder within your GTR2 installation.

2) Windows User Account Control (UAC) may need to be switched off in order for the calls to the wheel/pedals to go through. This is associated with Fanatec's hardware driver and I can't do anything about it unfortunately.




1) Run GTR2_CSP.exe

2) Click "Connect Wheel/CSP". The wheel type should be displayed. If it isn't you have no hardware connection.

3) Click "Connect GTR2".

4) Start GTR2

Tweaking / Troubleshooting / Fecking about:

Test the vibration of wheel and CSP with the helpfully labeled buttons on the left.

Set the maximum vibration you want for the two wheel motors and the CSP motor as a percentage. Turn them off with 0.

By default the vibration is turned on when you lock a wheel, but if you check the Invert Vibration Behaviour box then you'll get vibration when you brake (speed scaled) which will stop when you lock a wheel. You can choose what speed 100% vibration occurs above.

The GTR2 PD plugin by Nye provides the wheel speeds for this mod (Thanks Nye!) and you can set its update interval in milliseconds. A faster update interval will give you better response up to a point, but may cause system slow downs or issues interfacing with the Wheel/CSP. The default is 100 ms but please experiment and let me know what the optimal value is.

The lockup sensitivity can be changed, a higher number will make it trigger earlier/more often up to a point, but you may find that you start to get false positives. Where this number is higher than ratio of wheel to vehicle speed for any wheel during braking then lockup is deemed to occur. Please let me know what the optimum setting is.

Telemetry will display inside the box (all going well) and when lockup occurs the box will turn red. Should I include any other information in here?

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