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BPR Ferrari F40 real sounds 1.0

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Alessandro Pollini

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About This File

Author : elMariachi90

Finally released the sounds of these cars:

Ferrari F40"standard" version, F40 LM & GTE and F40 LM IMSA

Sounds are based on the real ones; the F40 LM IMSA has more than 720 hp and more than 800 Nm of torque because of turbo high pressure (about 2.6 bar of pressure) so I have emphasized the phenomenon of the boost by exalting the sound of turbo when it goes in pressure.

Here's a preview:

Also there are other files (a new eng file for Ferrari F40 LM IMSA more close to the real one), other modified ENG files in order to syncronize the new WAV tracks; also, the real F40 LM IMSA should have five gears (no six) so I have modified the HDC in order to have 5 gears.

Finally there are some "car" file because I have modified the RPMlight on the motec according the new values of rev limiter.

I hope that I have made a good work!

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